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Yellowstone National Park
Located in the northwest corner of Wyoming (and extending into Montana and Idaho), contains about 540 active geysers (over half of the world's total). Principal basins include:
  • Upper Geyser Basin (44.47° N, 110.84° W),
  • Midway Geyser Basin (44.52° N, 110.83° W),
  • Lower Geyser Basin (44.55° N, 110.81° W),
  • Gibbon Geyser Basin (44.69° N, 110.74° W).
  • Norris Geyser Basin (44.73° N, 110.70° W),
  • West Thumb Geyser Basin (44.42° N, 110.57° W),
  • Heart Lake Geyser Basin (44.29° N, 110.51° W),
  • Shoshone Geyser Basin (44.35° N, 110.80° W),
Yellowstone geyser basins
Yellowstone geyser distribution

Yellowstone geyser counts

Some Yellowstone geyser pictures

List of Steamboat Geyser eruptions


Dolina Geizerov, Kronotsky National Biosphere Preserve, Russia
Located in Kamchatka, Russia, within Kronotsky Zapovednik (Kronotsky Strict Nature Reserve, or Kronotsky National Biosphere Preserve) at 54.44° N, 160.14° E. Dolina Geizerov or "Valley of the Geysers" contains about 140 active geysers. A mudslide on 3 June 2007 buried dozens of geysers and flooded others by damming the Geysernaya River.

Map of Kronotsky Preserve
Kronotsky region seen from space (NASA image)


El Tatio, Chile
Located in northern Chile at 22.34° S, 68.02° W, this field contains about 80 active geysers.

Location of El Tatio geyser basin


North Island, New Zealand
Several basins on the North Island total about 76 active geysers. About 70% of New Zealand's geysers are extinct, mostly due to geothermal energy development. Main geyser basins (with approximate locations) include:
  • Orakei Korako (38.47° S, 176.15° E), about 33 active geysers and 42 extinct (flooded by a manmade lake),
  • Waimangu and Waikite (38.28° S, 176.40 E), about 17 active or dormant geysers,
  • Whakarewarewa and Rotorua (38.16° S, 176.26° E), about 14 active or dormant geysers and 70 extinct (killed by geothermal energy development)
  • Waiotapu (38.36° S, 176.37° E), about 9 active geysers,
  • Tokaanu, Waihi, Hipaua, and Tongariro (38.98° S, 175.77° E), about 8 active geysers.
  • Wairakei/Geyser Valley and Taupo (38.62° S, 176.08° E), about 36 extinct geysers (killed by geothermal energy development)

Map of New Zealand geyser locations


Geysers are scattered across Iceland in many locations, encompassing about 37 active or dormant geysers. About 50% of Iceland's geysers are extinct as a result of geothermal energy development. Current geyser basins (with approximate locations) include:
  • Hveravellir (64.87° N, 19.56°' W), about 16 active geysers,
  • Haukadalur (64.31° N, 20.30°' W), about 9 active or dormant geysers,
  • Reykholt area (64.7° N, 21.3°' W), about 9 active or dormant geysers,
  • Hveragerdi (64.02° N, 21.19°' W), about 3 active geysers and 18 extinct (killed by geothermal energy development),
  • Reykjahverfi (65.89° N, 17.31°' W), about 3 active geysers.

Map of Iceland geyser locations

Satellite view of Iceland (image credit: MODIS/NASA)


General Yellowstone resources:

Yellowstone from space (NASA images)

Relief map of Yellowstone (derived from NPS base map) (under construction)


Banner image: Solitary Geyser, Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone NP in 2000 (credit: Johnston, © 2000).

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