Abortions in the United States by race

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by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 11 March 2019

This page presents summary results for estimated abortions in the United States by race and by state. Results are presented for four ethnic groups corresponding to groupings used by the Centers for Disease Control:

Abortion data by race of mother are reported by the CDC (Jatlaoui et al., 2018) based on state health agency reporting as follows:

Data on live births by race are available for all states (Martin et al., 2017). Estimates for abortions by race for states where these data are missing are estimated by the author (discussion forthcoming). Total abortions for each state are based on data reported by the CDC or the states supplemented by the author's estimates (Johnston, 2018, 2019).

The maps below shows abortion percentages by state and by race, where abortion percentage is abortions as a percentage of the total of live births and abortions (excluding miscarriages and stillbirths). Several comments:


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