Additional Appendicies to
A Report on the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

by Wm. Robert Johnston
updated 15 March 2003

Appendix A1. Data on the SBTC

YearSBTC member churches/missionsSBTC budget
1999260$ 903,500
2000418$ 1,968,000
2001928$ 4,329,347
20021,253$ 8,902,367

Note: figures for SBTC member churches include both uniquely aligned churches and dually aligned churches.

Sources: SBTC; Baptist Press.

Appendix A2. Requirements for Affiliation with the SBTC

Appendix B1. SBTC Resolutions on Abortion

Appendix B2. Data on SBTC Discussion/Debate

There is an apparent lack of responsiveness by the SBTC to criticism and/or disagreement. A variety of observations suggests that the SBTC does not entertain sufficient internal debate to correct such problems as the weak abortion resolutions of 1998 and 1999, nor is it sufficiently responsive to appropriate outside criticism such as that related to misstatements about the BGCT, discussed in this report.

The two SBTC conventions I have observed (2000 and 2002) have been characterized by a lack of discussion, motions, and other business activity from the floor. All officer elections were unopposed, and the agenda had to be adjusted due to the lack of floor discussion. SBTC newsletters have carried few letters to the editor and even fewer critical ones. Since its formation in 1997, SBTC publications (the Plumbline, the Southern Baptist Texan, the Southern Baptist Texan news journal, and the Texas Baptist Crossroads) have averaged one letter per issue, of which 83% have praised the SBTC or supported its position in the convention controversy and 9% have been critical, only one letter on a significant issue. In comparison, a sample from the Baptist Standard over the same period shows an average of seven letters per issue, with 33% supporting and 24% criticizing the BGCT position on convention issues. The ratio of affirmative to negative letters printed is 9.0 for all SBTC publications versus 1.4 for the Baptist Standard.

Details for these figures are as follows (for the SBTC, figures include all issues from December 1997 to January 2003):

Publicationno. of issuesnumbers of letters
Plumbline1216 (76%)3 (14%)2 (10%)21
Southern Baptist Texan3520 (91%)1 (5%)1 (5%)22
Southern Baptist Texan149 (82%)0 (0%)2 (18%)11
Texas Baptist Crossroads10 (0%)0 (0%)0 (0%)0
all SBTC publications6245 (83%)4 (7%)5 (9%)54
Baptist Standard2249 (33%)63 (43%)35 (24%)147

Publicationdates coveredaverage letters per issueratio of affirmative to negative letters
Southern Baptist Texan9/99-12/020.620.0
Southern Baptist Texan2/02-1/030.84.5
Texas Baptist Crossroads1/030.0N/A
all SBTC publications12/97-1/030.99.0
Baptist Standard1998-2002 (sample)6.71.4

Appendix B3. Observations at the 2000 Meeting, SBTC

Appendix B4. Observations at the 2002 Meeting, SBTC

F1. Partial Transcript of Presentation by Dr. Deron Biles

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F2. Correspondence with Dr. Deron Biles

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Appendix G1. SBTC Budget Data

Appendix G2. Comparison of 2003 SBTC and BGCT Budgets

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