List of Southern Baptist and Other Organizations/Entities

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 24 December 2002

Note: current organizations, agencies, and entities are in bold; defunct entities/names are in regular font


Southern Baptist Convention (SBC)--national Southern Baptist organization, formed in 1845; included 16,052,920 members (resident and nonresident) in 42,334 churches in 2001 along with 39 state conventions/fellowships and 1,204 local associations.



Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT)--Texas state Southern Baptist organization; established in 1885 as merger of two Texas Baptist organizations; includes 113 local associations, 4,784 churches, and 1,740,944 resident members in 1997.

agencies/affiliated entities (incomplete):


Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC)--established as cooperative program in 1997; organization of leaders and churches seeking alternative to Texas BGCT; described as "conservative" or "fundamentalist".


Principal other Southern Baptist-related organizations:

Other Baptist organizations:

Non-Baptist organizations:

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Note: This is an update of material compiled as part of the work of a study committee at First Baptist Church, Brownsville, Texas. The original compilation was an appendix to the committee's report, which itself is copyrighted © 1998 by First Baptist Church, Brownsville, Texas.

Last modified 24 December 2002.
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