September 1996 Scarborough's statements on BGCT Intentional Interim Ministry

by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 28 May 2003

Rick Scarborough was nominated by the Southern Baptists of Texas for BGCT President. On 19 September 1996 he charged that the Intentional Interim Ministry (IIM) of the BGCT was attempting to place interim pastors that would lead churches to the CBF, away from the SBC, and away from fundamentalist doctrines. [53] Two interim pastors (Tom Reynolds and David Smith) and an IIM organizer (Bennie Slack) insisted that the program is not politicized in subsequent issues of the Baptist Standard. [54]

Under the Intentional Interim Ministry a church makes its own selection of an interim pastor from all candidate pastors working with the IIM. [55] The church has the same opportunity to determine that a candidate is a match for their congregation that they would in called a permanent pastor.

Scarborough also distributed materials with charges concerning CBF contributions by BGCT leaders' churches. One claim was that candidate Ophelia Humphrey's church "budgeted only $2,500 to the SBC last year." In contrast, the church's pastor asserted that the church "contributed $108,080.77" to SBC causes in 1995. [56]

Other charges involve a presentation shown in a video distributed by Scarborough. It purported to show a presentation by Harold Lantham at First Baptist Church of Rotan and charged that as a member of the Intentional Interim Ministry Lantham was critical of ties to the SBC and promoted ties to the CBF. [57] The presenter involved, whose correct name is Lancaster, has never served in the Intentional Interim Ministry; while he had some role in formulating the ministry, he was not chosen to be further involved in the ministry. [58]

(excerpt from A Report on the SBTC)

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Last modified 28 May 2003.
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