December 1997 Slocum statement on BGCT Effectiveness/Efficiency report

by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 28 May 2003

Dee Slocum, vice president Southern Baptists of Texas, stated in the December 1997 Plumbline that the BGCT’s Effectiveness/Efficiency report “elevated CBF to denomination status.” [63] In fact, the E/E report called for Partnership Missions cooperation with four organizations, none of which are denominations: the International Mission Board, the North American Mission Board, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and the Baptist World Alliance. The report specifically declined to grant the CBF status equal to that of the SBC denomination. [64]

(excerpt from A Report on the SBTC)

© 2003 by Wm. Robert Johnston.
Last modified 28 May 2003.
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