List of BGCT Convention Meetings

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 23 June 2012

% of churches
1886WacoA. T. Spalding
1887DallasA. T. Spalding
1888BeltonA. T. Spalding
1889HoustonA. T. Spalding
1890WaxahachieL. L. Foster
1891WacoL. L. Foster
1892BeltonR. C. Burleson
1893GainesvilleR. C. Burleson
1894MarshallR. C. Buckner
1895BeltonR. C. Buckner
1896HoustonR. C. Buckner
1897San AntonioR. C. Buckner
1898WacoR. C. Buckner
1899DallasR. C. Buckner
1900WacoR. C. Buckner
1901Fort WorthR. C. Buckner
1902WacoR. C. Buckner
1903DallasR. C. Buckner
1904WacoR. C. Buckner
1905DallasR. C. Buckner
1906WacoR. C. Buckner
1907San AntonioR. C. Buckner
1908Fort WorthR. C. Buckner
1909DallasR. C. Buckner
1910HoustonR. C. Buckner
1911WacoR. C. Buckner
1912Fort WorthR. C. Buckner
1913DallasR. C. Buckner
1914AbileneS. P. Brooks
1915AustinS. P. Brooks
1916WacoS. P. Brooks
1917DallasM. H. Wolfe
1918DallasM. H. Wolfe
1919HoustonM. H. Wolfe
1920El PasoJ. D. Sandefer
1921DallasJ. D. Sandefer
1922WacoJ. D. Sandefer
1923GalvestonO. S. Lattimore
1924DallasO. S. Lattimore
1925Mineral WellsO. S. Lattimore
1926San AntonioPat M. Neff
1927Wichita FallsPat M. Neff
1928Mineral WellsPat M. Neff
1929BeaumontLee R. Scarborough
1930AmarilloLee R. Scarborough
1931WacoLee R. Scarborough
1932AbileneJ. C. Hardy
1933Fort WorthJ. C. Hardy
1934San AntonioJ. C. Hardy
1935HoustonJ. B. Tidwell
1936Mineral Wells2,119471,730J. B. Tidwell
1937El Paso1,445282,219J. B. Tidwell
1938Dallas<2,512422,044J. Howard Williams
1939San Antonio<2,216391,964J. Howard Williams
1940Houston<2,383342,471A. D. Foreman, Sr.
1941Abilene<1,733272,507A. D. Foreman, Sr.
1942Fort Worth<2,132273,104A. D. Foreman, Sr.
1943Dallas1,785253,128W. R. White
1944San Antonio2,200312,964E. D. Head
1945Fort Worth2,701333,095E. D. Head
1946Mineral Wells<3,167333,146E. D. Head
1947Amarillo<2,541293,140Wallace Bassett
1948Houston<4,013343,214Wallace Bassett
1949El Paso1,667213,216Wallace Bassett
1950Fort Worth3,596393,287William Fleming
1951Houston3,692383,326William Fleming
1952Fort Worth3,824423,411F. C. Feezor
1953San Antonio2,854343,478James N. Morgan
1954Fort Worth3,777453,569James N. Morgan
1955Houston3,767363,654J. Ralph Grant
1956Corpus Christi3,469353,714J. Ralph Grant
1957Fort Worth2,928333,784E. H. Westmoreland
1958San Antonio2,679333,837E. H. Westmoreland
1959Corpus Christi3,186383,843M. B. Carroll
1960Lubbock3,519413,861M. B. Carroll
1961Austin3,504373,917James H. Landes
1962Fort Worth3,374383,910James H. Landes
1963San Antonio3,489353,908K. Owen White
1964Corpus Christi2,968343,929Abner V. McCall
1965Houston3,312383,931Abner V. McCall
1966Dallas3,117343,927J. Carroll Chadwick
1967Lubbock3,483283,938J. Carroll Chadwick
1968Fort Worth3,165353,936Gordon Clinard
1969San Antonio3,053323,897Gordon Clinard
1970Austin2,578293,867Jimmy R. Allen
1971Houston3,576323,854Jimmy R. Allen
1972Abilene2,592293,844Landrum P. Leavell
1973Corpus Christi2,314283,855Landrum P. Leavell
1974Amarillo2,126243,852Ralph M. Smith
1975Dallas2,628303,914Ralph M. Smith
1976San Antonio2,786303,935James G. Harris
1977Fort Worth2,554313,942Milton E. Cunningham
1978Austin2,528273,961Milton E. Cunningham
1979Lubbock2,482203,982Milton E. Cunningham
1980Houston4,266343,982Carlos McLeod
1981Waco3,516344,041Carlos McLeod
1982Corpus Christi2,843284,046D. L. Lowrie
1983Amarillo2,563244,093D. L. Lowrie
1984Dallas4,075334,112Winfred Moore
1985San Antonio4,275314,100Winfred Moore
1986El Paso2,368204,184Paul Powell
1987Fort Worth5,174344,216Paul Powell
1988Austin4,737324,228Joel Gregory
1989Lubbock5,078324,237Joel Gregory
1990Houston7,540384,335Phil Lineberger
1991Waco11,159474,517Phil Linebergerapproval of Naylor Cmte. Report on Baylor
1992Corpus Christi6,266314,551J. Richard Maples
1993Dallas5,489294,655J. Richard Maples
1994Amarillo6,199594,646Jerold McBride
1995San Antonio6,867334,658Jerold McBride
1996Fort Worth7,330374,717Charles Wade
1997Austin6,100304,784Charles Wadeapproval of E/E Report
1998Houston5,382254,817Russell Dilday
1999El Paso2,229364,872Russell Dilday
2000Corpus Christi6,713304,805Clyde Glazener
2001Dallas3,317204,379Clyde Glazener
2002Waco3,327204,364Robert Campbell
2003Lubbock2,582184,339Robert Campbell
2004San Antonio2,937284,322Kenneth Hall
2005Austin2,4404,321Albert Reyes
2006Dallas1,9904,500Michael Bell
2007Amarillo2,0274,257Steve Vernonfirst woman president elected
2008Fort Worth1,89113Joy Fenner
2009Houston1,493David Lowrie
2010McAllen7838.5David Lowrie
2011Amarillo983Victor Rodriguez
2012Corpus Christi(planned)Jerry Carlisle
2017(multiple sites)(planned)

Data from BGCT Annuals, The Baptist Standard, Baptist Press.

© 2001-2011, 2012 by Wm. Robert Johnston.
Last updated 23 June 2012.
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