BGCT actions regarding homosexuality, 1991-2000 (incomplete)

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
updated 1998, 2001

10 Nov 1992
* Motion for Resolution V, Sexual Values:
Whereas Texas Baptists follow the Bible as their guide for faith and practice and
Whereas Texas Baptists must seek to be "salt and light" in a sinful world; and
Whereas Scripture upholds a high sexual ethic of fidelity in marriage and abstinence outside of marriage; and
Whereas behaviors such as homosexuality, adultery, incest and pornographic activity are distortions of this ethic and therefore wrong; and
Whereas the media frequently conveys sexual values which are contrary to healthy human sexuality; and
Whereas attempts to pass nondiscriminatory legislation threaten to promote inappropriate sexual behavior; and
Whereas the church has a responsibility to promote biblical sexual ethics in its membership and community; and
Whereas excellent materials for the education and promotion of biblical sexuality are available from the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission and other sources;
Be it resolved that this Convention encourages all persons to uphold a lifestyle of biblical sexual values; and
Be it further resolved that we encourage and join the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission in its opposition to objectionable sexual material in television, movies, music and other media; and
Be it further resolved that we urge our churches to teach biblical sexual values to our children and youth through preaching, education, and other programs; and
Be it further resolved that we urge individuals to promote biblical sexual values through involvement in the community, participation in the political process, and other effective methods such as letter writing and sponsor boycotts; and
Be it finally resolved that we affirm that the gospel provides forgiveness and restoration for all persons through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, thus offering the only hope for our broken world.
* Resolution V passed.

26 Oct 1993
* Resolution V, On Television Programming, was adopted and makes reference to "violence, sex outside of marriage, and other unbiblical morality..."

13 Nov 1995
* Following passing of motion to seat messengers, messenger (Hurlwood, Lubbock) asked that any messenger from University BC, Austin, not be seated. Souder stated that no such messengers were registered at the beginning of the session. Don Workman (Southcrest, Lubbock) moved "that if a messenger from University, Austin, register, they be denied seating." Motion referred to the Credential Committee.
* Don Workman (Southcrest, Lubbock) moved "to amend the Constitution of TBGT to not allow churches that have practicing homosexuals as deacons or pastors to be seated as messengers." Motion was seconded.

14 Nov 1995
* Motion to amend the Constitution was referred to the Executive Board for further study. Bill Scarbrough (Highland Park, Austin) moved to amend the motion to also disqualify persons engaging in 26 other types of behavior. Motion to amend was ruled out of order because the question was whether to refer. During debate Convention President McBride stated the issue was not whether "we are against homosexuality, if you believe in the Bible that is pretty clear. It is how to handle it." Motion to refer carried.

11 Nov 1996
* Hollie Atkinson, chair of the Messenger Seating Study Committee, presented the committee's report. Messenger Wayne Allen moved that the "messengers of this Annual Meeting of the BGCT give their support to the Report of the Messenger Seating Study Committee." Motion carried.
* Don Workman (Southcrest, Lubbock) moved "Due to the findings and conclusions of the Study Committee regarding of homosexuality and its ordination: I therefore, move that this Convention go on record that the BGCT withdraw fellowship from University Baptist Church of Austin." Motion seconded. Motion was ruled out of order because no one from University BC has registered for this convention.

10 Nov 1997
* Concerning Recommendation #6 of the E/E Committee Report, Darren Donaldson (Mount Zion BC, Rockdale) asked "if a demographic says that the population of Texas is 10% homosexual, are we going to hire homosexuals on the BGCT staff?" Fenton said that would be an absolute "no".

9 Nov 1998
* Bruce Dyer (Seventh and James, Waco) moved "Since the decision made by the Executive Committee of the BGCT regarding the University Baptist Church of Austin, Texas is deemed inappropriate and although the action may not violate the constitution and bylaws of the BGCT, it violates the intent and spirit of those documents. Historically action of this magnitude is reserved for the messengers at annual meetings. This action further violates the autonomy of the local church and the priesthood of the believer. Therefore, this motion is to reverse the action taken by the Executive Committee of the [BGCT] regarding University Baptist Church. It is further moved that voting on this motion be done by secret ballot."

10 Nov 1998
* Harry Lucenay on behalf of the Committee on Order of Business objected to consideration of question of motion by Bruce Dyer. Vote to reject consideration of Dyer's motion passed.
* Rusty Durand (FBC, Garrison) moved to amend paragraph 7 of Resolution VII, Biblical Equality to read "Be It Finally Resolved that we affirm the freedom of each local Baptist church to ordain for service all persons regardless of race, sexual orientation, age or gender who are called of God to model servant leadership." Motion to amend failed.

Note: This is an update of material compiled as part of the work of a study committee at First Baptist Church, Brownsville, Texas. The original compilation was an appendix to the committee's report, which itself is copyrighted © 1998 by First Baptist Church, Brownsville, Texas.

Last modified 29 May 2001.
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