BGCT Resolutions, Actions, and Entity Statements Regarding Homosexuality (incomplete)

excerpt from Resolution V, Sexual Values, adopted by BGCT convention 10 November 1992:

Whereas Scripture upholds a high sexual ethic of fidelity in marriage and abstinence outside of marriage; and
Whereas behaviors such as homosexuality, adultery, incest and pornographic activity are distortions of this ethic and therefore wrong...

excerpt from Resolution V, On Television Programming, adopted by BGCT convention 26 October 1993:

...violence, sex outside of marriage, and other unbiblical morality...

resolution approved by BGCT Executive Board, December 1993

(This resolution expressed support for the Williamson County Commissioners' opposition to the relocation of an Apple Computer plant to their county. The county commissioners were opposing the relocation due to Apple's policy of health benefits for homosexual partners.)

excerpt from AIDS ministry packet from the BGCT Christian Life Commission, 1995

Homosexual practice is neither innocent nor an appropriate alternate sexual lifestyle. It is inconsistent with God's creation and with the teaching of Scripture. (Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission and the T.B. Maston Foundation, AIDS: Facing Facts, Confronting Fears, Ministering to People, 1995, CLC, p. 5)

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