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last modified 13 May 2008

    Johnston's Archive is copyrighted by Wm. Robert Johnston. The information contained herein is accurate to the best of my knowledge (corrections are welcome).

  • Can I use material from this site?

    Material copyrighted by me may be used only with permission from me, with the following exception: for not-for-profit, educational use, permission is granted to use print copies of individual documents provided that the document in question is used complete and unedited and that each copy acknowledges my copyright. I request that you notify me of such use. The primary reason is that I want to know if you find the material useful, and I welcome your input on how to make it more useful.

    The Star Trek name and related material are copyrighted by Paramount Pictures Corporation. I am a Star Trek fan and have no other standing with regard to Paramount. References to said material at this site are for non-commercial, not-for-profit use.

  • As a student, how can I use material from this site in a report or project?

    The above restrictions also apply to student use. A student is violating copyright law if he or she claims credit for the intellectual property of another. This includes using text or images from another source, in whole or in part, in any format, without attribution to the author. This is called plagarism and is unethical as well as illegal. In most cases, such a student is also subject to academic and/or disciplinary consequences. This means: follow standard guidelines for citing material.

    Students, like others, may cite information from this site if proper credit is given. The precise format for such credit should be determined by your teacher/instructor, since some variety exists. Below is one of several possible ways to cite an internet source in a research paper:

      Author last name, first name. "Title of document." Date last modified or posted. Web site [web site address].

    As an example, this is how this format would apply to the page you are viewing now:

      Johnston, Wm. Robert. "FAQ on use of material from this site." May 13, 2008. Johnston's Archive [http://www.johnstonsarchive.net/faqusage.html].

    Students seeking to use material from the world wide web need to be aware of some pitfalls, not just regarding the legality of use of material but also the reliability of material. Upcoming pages under Other Information Resources will give some general advice.

  • Can I use pictures or diagrams from this site?

    Images copyrighted by me may not be used without my permission. Contact me regarding any request for usage.

    Images copyrighted by others are the intellectual property of those individuals or entities. They are used here by permission. Contact them regarding use.

    Images with stated credits but no copyright are in the public domain (according to my information); these may be freely used but the credit notice is required. If you want to locate the original source in these cases, contact me. (Many of these images are available in higher quality on the Internet at the original source.)

  • How can I reach you?

    My e-mail is on this page.

  • What are your qualifications?

    See About me.

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