Yellowstone Geyser Counts

Yellowstone Geyser Counts

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last update 21 February 2001

The following counts of geysers are based primarily on the T. Scott Bryan's The Geysers of Yellowstone, third edition. (Any errors are my own.) They use his definition of geyser which excludes perpetual spouters. Geysers are classified as either "active", "dormant", or "extinct". Classification as dormant is somewhat arbitrary and includes those inactive for two years or more and those which may currently behave as spouters instead of geysers. Geysers which do not display uninduced activity are included under "extinct". Be aware that geyser populations are more uncertain than these figures may imply.

Yellowstone geyser counts by basin

Gibbon Geyser Basin181019
Heart Lake Geyser Basin3512047
Lower Geyser Basin102220124
Lone Star Geyser Basin102012
Midway Geyser Basin171018
Norris Geyser Basin5521379
Shoshone Geyser Basin428050
Upper Geyser Basin181843268
West Thumb Geyser Basin2810038
other geysers253129


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© 2001 by Wm. Robert Johnston.
Last modified 21 February 2001.
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