List of Criticality Accidents

last updated 20 September 2007

datelocationtype of accidentdeathsinjurieshighest dose (rem)activity releasefissions (x1015)
11 Feb 1945Los Alamos, New Mexico, USAuranium in styrex0006
6 Jun 1945Los Alamos, New Mexico, USAuranium in water006640
21 Aug 1945Los Alamos, New Mexico, USAplutonium assembly1151010
21 May 1946Los Alamos, New Mexico, USAplutonium assembly1421003
? Dec 1949Los Alamos, New Mexico, USAuranium in solution002.535
~1950?Chalk River, Ontario, Canadauranium in water00>5??
1 Feb 1951Los Alamos, New Mexico, USAuranium in water00~0100
16 Nov 1951Hanford Works, Washington, USAplutonium in solution00low80
18 Apr 1952Los Alamos, New Mexico, USAuranium assembly00~015
2 Jun 1952Argonne, Illinois, USAuranium in water02140122
12 Dec 1952Chalk River, Ontario, Canadauranium in water00low120000
9 Apr 1953Sarov, Russia, USSRplutonium assembly001.611
15 Mar 1953Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRplutonium in solution111000200
3 Feb 1954Los Alamos, New Mexico, USAuranium assembly00~056
26 May 1954Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USAuranium in solution000.9100
22 Jul 1954Idaho RTA, Idaho, USAuranium in water00~04680
29 Nov 1955Argonne, Illinois, USAuranium00~0470
1 Feb 1956Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USAuranium in solution000.6160
3 Jul 1956Los Alamos, New Mexico, USAuranium00032
12 Feb 1957Los Alamos, New Mexico, USAuranium assembly00~0120
21 Apr 1957Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRuranium in solution153000100
2 Jan 1958Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRuranium in solution316000230
16 Jun 1958Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USAuranium in solution054601300
15 Oct 1958Vinca, Yugoslaviauranium in water154302600
18 Nov 1958Reactor Testing Area, Idaho, USAuranium00~025000
30 Dec 1958Los Alamos, New Mexico, USAplutonium in solution1012000150
16 Oct 1959Idaho RTA, Idaho, USAuranium in solution0050some40000
15 Mar 1960Saclay, Franceuranium in water00~03000
17 Jun 1960Los Alamos, New Mexico, USAuranium assembly00~060
5 Dec 1960Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRplutonium in solution002250
3 Jan 1961Idaho RTA, Idaho, USAuranium in water30fatal*4400
25 Jan 1961Idaho RTA, Idaho, USAuranium in solution00<0.06600
14 Jul 1961Siberian Chemical Combine, Russia, USSRuranium0120012
10 Nov 1961Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USAuranium assembly00~010
7 Apr 1962Hanford, Washington, USAplutonium in solution03110800
7 Sep 1962Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRplutonium in solution00low200
5 Nov 1962Idaho RTA, Idaho, USAuranium in water00~01000
11 Dec 1962Los Alamos, New Mexico, USAuranium00~030
30 Jan 1963Siberian Chemical Combine, Russia, USSRuranium in solution0017790
11 Mar 1963Sarov, Russia, USSRplutonium assembly025505
26 Mar 1963Livermore, California, USAuranium assembly000.12376
2 Dec 1963Siberian Chemical Combine, Russia, USSRuranium in solution00<560
24 Jul 1964Wood River, Rhode Island, USAuranium in solution1110000130
28 May 1965White Sands, New Mexico, USAuranium assembly00~0150
30 Dec 1965Mol, Belgiumuranium in water01500430
3 Nov 1965Electrostal Plant, Russia, USSRuranium oxide slurry0038
16 Dec 1965Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRuranium in solution000.27550
30 Jan 1968Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USAuranium in solution00low11
5 Apr 1968Chelyabinsk-70, Russia, USSRuranium assembly20300060
6 Sep 1968Aberdeen, Maryland, USAuranium assembly00~00609
10 Dec 1968Mayak Enterprise, Russia, USSRplutonium in solution112450130
24 Aug 1970Windscale Works, England, United Kingdomplutonium in solution0021
15 Feb 1971Kurtchatov, Russia, USSRuranium02?20000
26 May 1971Kurtchatov, Russia, USSRuranium in water2260002000
17 Oct 1978Idaho CPP, Idaho, USAuranium in solution00low2700
13 Dec 1978Siberian Chemical Combine, Russia, USSRplutonium assembly012503
23 Sep 1983Constituyentes, Argentinauranium in water103700400
10 Aug 1985Chazhma Bay, Vladivostock, Russia, USSRuranium reactor1049220~7 MCi5000
15-16 May 1997Novosibirsk Plant, Russiauranium in solution00<0.45.5
17 Jun 1997Arzamas-16, Russiauranium assembly10480010000
30 Sep 1999Toki-mura, Japanuranium in solution2118002500

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