Database of radiological incidents and related events--Johnston's Archive

Criminal acts causing radiation casualties

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 20 January 2014

This is a listing of criminal acts resulting in acute radiation casualties. It is a subset of the Database of Radiological Incidents and Related Events. Links in the table are to more detailed incident summaries.

The 29 events below include:

Notes on table:

datelocation/link to entrytype of accident/eventcodehighest dose (rem)deathsinjuriespublicsourcerelease
08 Jun 1960Moscow, Russia, USSRintentional overexposureI-s1,75010cCs-137 
03 Jan 1961SL-1 reactor, Idaho RTA, Idaho, USAcriticality excursion with uranium research reactorAC-RR(~350--N)30 * U 
~ 1965 - 1968Pennsylvania, USAattempt to self-induce abortion using x-ray machineI-s?01c  
8 Apr 1972 - Oct 1972Harris county, Texas, USAintentional exposure to individualI-aL01xCs-137 
09 Oct 1972Primorsky region, Russia, USSRcriminal act using radioactive sourceI-c?01xIr-192 
1972Bulgariaself-inflicted radiation exposureI-sL10cCs-137 
17 Mar 1973Odessa, Ukraine, USSRcriminal act using radioactive sourceI-c?01xCo-60 
15 Dec 1974Lipetsk, Russia, USSRcriminal act using radioactive sourceI-c?02xCs-137 
1978United Kingdomintentional self-exposure to radiography sourceI-s15201cIr-192 
11 May 1979La Hague, Franceradiological assaultI-aL01x  
29 Jul 1981Tulsa, Oklahoma, USAintentional self-exposure to industrial radiography sourceI-s?10cIr-192 
14 Jun 1982Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan, USSRcriminal act using radioactive sourceI-c?07xCo-60 
18 Aug 1988Riga, Latvia, USSRcriminal act using radioactive sourceI-c?01xCf-252 
24 Aug 1991Bratsk, Irkutsk, Russia, USSRattempted homicide using radioactive sourceI-a?01xCs-137 
14 Apr 1993Moscow, Russiahomicide using radioactive sourceI-a?10xCs-137? 
21 Oct 1994 - 18 Nov 1994Tammiku, Estoniaexposure to stolen sourceI-t40014xCs-137 
01 Oct 1994 - 15 Feb 1996Republic of China (Taiwan)intentional poisoning using radioactive materialI-a?01xP-32 
~ Feb 1995 - 07 Jul 1995Zheleznordorozhny, Moscow region, Russiaapparent assault using radioactive materialI-a77010xCs-137 
27 Feb 1996 - 05 Mar 1996Houston, Texas, USAexposure to stolen sourceI-tL01xCo-60 
13 Sep 1999Grozny, Russiaattempted theft of sourcesI-thigh33cCo-60 
1999Kingisepp, Russiaexposure to stolen sourceI-t?30c  
May 2001 - Jun 2001Kandalaksha, Russiaexposure to stolen sourceI-t?04c  
early Dec 2001 - Feb 2002Liya, Georgiaexposure to stolen sourceI-t?03cSr-90 
May 2002Guangzhou, PRCintentional exposure using radioactive sourcesI-a?075xIr-192 
2003 - 13 Nov 2003Kola Harbor, Russiaexposure to stolen sourcesI-t??1+?cSr-90 
~03 Sep 2004 - 24 Sep 2004St. Petersburg, Russiaintentional poisoning using radioactive substanceI-a?10x  
01 Nov 2006London, United Kingdomintentional poisoning using radioactive substanceI-a?12xPo-210 
Aug 2007Clinton, Michigan, USAtheft of sourcesI-tL?01?c  
2-4 December 2013Hueypoxtla, Mexico, Mexicoradiotherapy source theftI-t?03xCo-60 

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