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Criminal acts causing radiation casualties

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 29 November 2022

This is a listing of criminal acts resulting in acute radiation casualties. It is a subset of the Database of Radiological Incidents and Related Events. Links in the table are to more detailed incident summaries.

The 31 events below, resulting in 17 deaths and 121 injuries, include:

Notes on table:

datelocation/link to entrytype of accident/eventcodehighest dose (rem)deathsinjuriespublicsourcerelease
08 Jun 1960Moscow, Russia, USSRintentional overexposureI-s1,75010cCs-137 
03 Jan 1961SL-1 reactor, Idaho RTA, Idaho, USAcriticality excursion with uranium research reactorAC-RR(~350--N)30 * U 
~ 1965 - 1968Pennsylvania, USAattempt to self-induce abortion using x-ray machineI-s?01c  
8 Apr 1972 - Oct 1972Harris county, Texas, USAintentional exposure to individualI-aL01xCs-137 
09 Oct 1972Primorsky region, Russia, USSRcriminal act using radioactive sourceI-c?01xIr-192 
1972Bulgariaself-inflicted radiation exposureI-sL10cCs-137 
17 Mar 1973Odessa, Ukraine, USSRcriminal act using radioactive sourceI-c?01xCo-60 
15 Dec 1974Lipetsk, Russia, USSRcriminal act using radioactive sourceI-c?02xCs-137 
Sep 1978San Francisco, California, USAintentional self-exposure to radioactive materialI-c?03xP-32 
1978United Kingdomintentional self-exposure to radiography sourceI-s15201cIr-192 
11 May 1979La Hague, Franceradiological assaultI-aL01x  
29 Jul 1981Tulsa, Oklahoma, USAintentional self-exposure to industrial radiography sourceI-s?10cIr-192 
14 Jun 1982Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan, USSRcriminal act using radioactive sourceI-c?07xCo-60 
1987Norilsk, Russia, USSRradiological assaultI-a?03 Cs-137 
18 Aug 1988Riga, Latvia, USSRcriminal act using radioactive sourceI-c?01xCf-252 
24 Aug 1991Bratsk, Irkutsk, Russia, USSRattempted homicide using radioactive sourceI-a?01xCs-137 
14 Apr 1993Moscow, Russiahomicide using radioactive sourceI-a?10xCs-137 
21 Oct 1994 - 18 Nov 1994Tammiku, Estoniaexposure to stolen sourceI-t40014xCs-137 
01 Oct 1994 - 15 Feb 1996Republic of China (Taiwan)intentional poisoning using radioactive materialI-a?01xP-32 
~ Feb 1995 - 07 Jul 1995Zheleznordorozhny, Moscow region, Russiaapparent assault using radioactive materialI-a77010xCs-137 
27 Feb 1996 - 05 Mar 1996Houston, Texas, USAexposure to stolen sourceI-tL01xCo-60 
13 Sep 1999Grozny, Russiaattempted theft of sourcesI-thigh33cCo-60 
1999Kingisepp, Russiaexposure to stolen sourceI-t?30c  
May 2001 - Jun 2001Kandalaksha, Russiaexposure to stolen sourceI-t?04c  
early Dec 2001 - Feb 2002Liya, Georgiaexposure to stolen sourceI-t?03cSr-90 
May 2002Guangzhou, PRCintentional exposure using radioactive sourcesI-a~110075xIr-192 
2003 - 13 Nov 2003Kola Harbor, Russiaexposure to stolen sourcesI-t??1+?cSr-90 
~03 Sep 2004 - 24 Sep 2004St. Petersburg, Russiaintentional poisoning using radioactive substanceI-a?10x  
01 Nov 2006London, United Kingdomintentional poisoning using radioactive substanceI-a?12xPo-210 
Aug 2007Clinton, Michigan, USAtheft of sourcesI-tL?01?c  
2-4 December 2013Hueypoxtla, Mexico, Mexicoradiotherapy source theftI-t?03xCo-60 

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