Nuclear Tests--Databases and Other Material

Note: some pages in this section are under construction.

Summary and overview pages

These pages--when complete--will include cumulative statistics on nuclear testing, maps of test locations, and summary of testing practices.

Database of nuclear tests, short version

For more casual users, this list includes nuclear tests with name, date and time to the nearest minute, test site, latitude and longitude to the nearest 0.01°, height of burst, ground zero altitude, yield information, purpose, and warhead.

Google Earth .kml database of worldwide nuclear tests

Current version 2.8, updated 2 July 2009, includes locations for 2,388 nuclear detonations (529 above-ground) and 257 known zero-yield events; nuclear test site boundaries; and some craters from nuclear tests.

Database of nuclear tests, full version

This is the complete version. In addition to extended data on nuclear tests, it includes lists of hydronuclear (subcritical) tests and lists of non-nuclear or ambiguous events (events erroneously identified as nuclear tests, events which are not established as nuclear tests, large conventional explosions, and related non-nuclear events such as plutonium dispersion tests).

Chronological Listing of Above Ground Nuclear Detonations:

Assorted material:

High-altitude nuclear explosions

Multimegaton tests: the largest nuclear tests

Nuclear tests: height/depth of burst vs. yield

Nuclear weapon milestones, part 1-B

Nuclear tests resulting in acute casualties:

Combat uses of nuclear weapons:

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