Nuclear warheads and applications

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated September 2000

weapon namewarhead designationweapon typestock entryIOCoff alertretire stockwarhead typeest. number builtyield
Blue DanubeNGB195319531962IM22SV--8 to 25 kt
Red BeardNGB195919611971IM150SV--5 to 20 kt
Violet ClubNGB195819581958TN5~500 kt
Yellow Sun Mk 1NGB1958195819611963TN10500 kt
Yellow Sun Mk 2Red SnowNGB196119611972TS1501 mt
Blue SteelRed SnowASM196219621970TN50~1 mt
Blue StreakIRBMcancelledTN03 mt
Blue WaterSRBMcancelled0
Blue BoarASMcancelled0
SkyboltXW-59ALBMcancelledTN0800 kt
WE-177AWE-177ANGB1966196619981998BF?75200 kt
WE-177BWE-177BNGB1966196619981998TN?100400 kt
WE-177CWE-177CNDB197119711992BF?2510 kt
Polaris A3TW-58SLBM196719681984192200 kt (x3 MRVs)
Polaris A3TKTK-100?SLBM1979198219969640 kt (x2 MRVs)
Trident IISLBM19921994200~100 kt (x1-5 MIRVs)
ALSOMASMcancelled0~100 kt
OR 1160NGBcancelled03.5 mt
ASR 1177NGBcancelled0~10 kt
NGBcancelled0~100 kt

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