On strategic defense

by Wm. Robert Johnston
21 September 1989

Dear Editor:

The editorial "Defense Strategy is Lost in Space" on September 20 is a welcome change from most of the public discussion of the Strategic Defense Initiative. I would dispute the author's claims that the White House has presented obstacles to strategic defense; rather, Congress is almost fully responsible for reducing actual defense of our nation to a mere 0.4% of the federal budget.

The American people have not been well-informed that technology demonstrated in the past two years presents the possibility of almost totally eliminating the threat to the U.S. of nuclear attack. This is in the form of "Brilliant Pebbles": small, computerized devices which could be put into orbit in space in large numbers to home in on and destroy enemy missiles as they are launched. If Congress would cooperate, it just might be possible to make Soviet ICBMs obsolete by the year 2000 at the cost of only 2% of federal expenditures from now until then.

I hope and pray that more facts about SDI will reach the American population. I believe this would lead our government to "provide for the common defense"; the alternative will be growing danger to our country.

(printed in The Brownsville Herald September 1989)

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