On Texas judicial policy on abortions by minors

by Wm. Robert Johnston
23 December 1999

Dear Editor:

I am distressed to hear the rules to be implemented regarding abortions by minors in Texas. Of particular concern is the provision which will cloak in secrecy the names of judges who rule to circumvent parents. And the reason for this is because judges might be held accountable by the voters? Why not make all controversial court cases secret? Apparently only abortion deserves exemption from the Texas Constitution. Will the state even maintain records of the numbers of such rulings, or sweep everything under the rug?

If the authorities believe parents aren't fit to guide their child regarding such a difficult decision, then why don't the authorities permanently remove the child from their custody? Planned Parenthood and the courts will rush an impressionable girl into an abortion, but they sure won't be around for the physical and emotional aftermath.

Notice in both regards that abortion is granted a status that no other phenomena in society enjoys. The pro-choice proponents claim abortion is an ordinary medical procedure--but it is exempt from medical reporting and safety standards that apply to all other medical procedures. The pro-choice proponents give easy abortion precedence over the law, precedence over parental custody, precedence over medical ethics, and precedence over life. "Pro-choice" is really about no consequences.

Parents who care about your daughters, take note: the state of Texas reserves the right to secretly assist your daughters in choosing abortion and to be unaccountable for the consequences.

(printed in The Brownsville Herald 27 December 1999)

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