On Planned Parenthood claims

by Wm. Robert Johnston
1 February 2001

Dear Editor:

Kudos to the Herald for allowing Planned Parenthood to speak in their own words. This is the best way for the community to see just how careless these people are with the facts. Herrmann's recent letter on behalf of Planned Parenthood attacking Ashcroft used lies to make its case:

Herrmann falsely suggests that Ashcroft seeks to outlaw a variety of birth control devices. In making this claim, Herrmann indicates that these listed methods terminate pregnancies. This contradicts statements made by Planned Parenthood in this newspaper last February.

Herrmann's claim that most Americans want abortion rights unrestricted is false. Most Americans oppose abortion to select the gender of the baby. Most Americans oppose abortions to terminate pregnancies that would interfere with vacation plans. Most Americans oppose partial birth abortions. In contrast, Planned Parenthood defends all these types of abortions.

Herrmann falsely claims that the law of the land is unrestricted abortion. The law of the land is, under current U.S. Supreme Court interpretation, that state governments have limited constitutional authority to place some restrictions on abortion. Such authority includes limits on late-term abortions and parental notification for abortions by minors. Planned Parenthood opposes the law of the land in such situations.

Herrmann states that the "vast majority" of Americans want teenagers to have accurate sex education. She omits reference to the fact that the majority of Americans believe that abstinence education is most effective at reducing teen pregnancy. Planned Parenthood opposes most Americans in this regard.

Herrmann falsely claims that John Ashcroft's record shows he would not "uphold the laws" to "protect all Americans." In reality, Ashcroft's integrity is such that he has and would uphold laws in spite of personal disagreement with them, as demonstrated by his record.

It is Ashcroft's opponents that have failed to uphold the law. Among the extremist "host of other nationally known organizations" Herrmann cites opposing Ashcroft are several tax exempt organizations which receive federal funds. Lobbying activities by such organizations violate the law of the land.

If Planned Parenthood won't give accurate information to the readers of the Herald, how can they be trusted to give accurate information to our teenagers?

(printed in The Brownsville Herald 4 February 2001)

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