On 2000 presidential election

by Wm. Robert Johnston
22 January 2001

Dear Mr. Knox:

The Jan. 15 editorial "Test 'Political Philosophy' of Jesus" somewhat misses the point. It focused on America's being "split down the middle," citing the numerical results of the election. The numbers actually conceal a lot of voter indecision in the political center. The issue in America is not the even split but the extreme polarization. The left and right are so far apart at times that cooperation can't occur--even when their goals are not diametrically opposed. Don't be concerned over an even split, but over a polarization such that extremists feel a need to step outside the political process.

What Christians need to be on their knees about is a country where the rule of law is labeled an "extreme agenda." If righteousness is to be a practice of our government, don't leave the job to a single elected official. Christians must actively promote a righteous government--in our votes, our activism, our prayers, and our ministry to the world.

(printed in The Baptist Standard 29 January 2001)

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