On statues of Confederate leaders

by Wm. Robert Johnston
June 2001

Dear Editor,

I appreciated the article on the history of the South Mall statues. It is shameful that Rep. Burnam would propose to tear these statues down. They are part of Texas history, part of UT history, and a reminder that Americans can be united even in the aftermath of division--or a reminder of this, if you know history. Burnam's bills related to the statues show a willingness to micromanage the University in its choices of memorials.

I would think that Texas Exes might be concerned about the implications of a benefactor donation to the University being dismantled at a later date due to political considerations.

Besides that, I would really miss my great-to-the-fifth grand-uncle's statue (Albert Sidney Johnston).

(printed in Alacade July/August 2001, p. 2)

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