On criticisms of President Bush by Molly Ivins

by Wm. Robert Johnston
16 February 2003

Dear Editor:

Who does Molly Ivins think sheís fooling? Her recent editorial (2/6) assailing Bush, for all the topics covered, was rather sloppy with facts.

Ivins attacked Bushís proposed tax cuts, claiming that "one third of all Americans will never see a dime" and half will get less than $100 in cuts. Is she talking about the same plan the President is? Bush has proposed raising the child tax credit from $600 to $1,000 and eliminating the marriage penalty. The highest percentage cuts will be to mainstream middle class Americans. The fraction of Americans that donít get a tax cut canít get a tax cut: if you pay no taxes, your taxes canít be cut.

A question Ivins needs to answer is this: why does she prefer to have billions of dollars, up to a fifth of the U.S. economy, in the hands of 536 politicians rather than in the hands of 280 million ordinary Americans?

Neither is she is not keeping up with events in Afghanistan. U.S. soldiers are still working, even giving their lives, in efforts to create an Afghanistan safe for its citizens. Yes, much more progress is needed there, but to suggest they were better off under the Taliban is an insult to the thousands victimized by that regime.

Equally imaginary is Ivinsí list of environmental ills under Bush policies. Her fabricated list demonstrates an unwillingness to involve her readers in an intelligent debate. Bush proposes responsible stewardship; his green critics stand opposed to this, opposed to the science, and opposed to common sense.

Most Americans have confidence in our current president, in part because he is genuine and honest. The contrast between this and the deception by Ivins and her comrades could hardly be greater.

(printed in The Brownsville Herald 23 February 2003)

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