On Democrats

by Wm. Robert Johnston

Remember those days after September 11th when there was unprecedented bipartisan unity in Washington? Those days are clearly gone for Tom Daschle. The Senate majority leader has returned to placing politics ahead of the nation's needs--with his party's support.

Daschle continues to refuse to allow the Senate to vote on dozens of President Bush's nominees for federal judges. Several jurisdictions are short of judges because Daschle is preventing a vote on nominees that have the support of a majority of both Democrats and Republicans. We now know that justice is part of protecting Americans, so why the inaction?

Bush and the Republicans continue to meet the Democrats more than halfway on economic plans. However, the Daschle Democrats have just decided that they will not compromise--leaving Americans with no economic stimulus plan.

As if refusing to grant any economic help to Americans is bad enough, the Democrats are doing so by clinging to a plan that won't work. Tax cuts (including cuts for those that can create jobs) have successfully brought the U.S. out of recessions before.

Millions of average Americans have benefited from the Bush tax cuts, but now Daschle wants it back. His plan for helping the economy is to take more money from working Americans. Remember, when the Democrats say a plan helps the rich, who they're talking about is anyone who works for a living.

I will soon be writing a check to the IRS to pay my penalty for being married. Those of you admitting to being married--poor or rich--are still penalized by the Daschle Democrats to finance their pork barrel spending. Remember in November.

© 2002, 2008 by Wm. Robert Johnston.
Last modified 27 January 2008.
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