On evangelical views of global warming

by Wm. Robert Johnston
11 September 2006

Dear Editor:

Reading Elliott's article "Environment reveals evangelical rift" (The Baptist Standard, 9/4/06), one might get some wrong impressions about global warming. Reported warming trends are not the same as the more specific claims that these trends are unnatural, manmade, and leading to disaster. The scientific community has very mixed views on these claims, but has produced a body of work that demolishes many claims in the Gore movie--as well as claims of "consensus".

The conflicting views within the Christian community parallel the divided views of scientists and those who would base policy on their work. What should Christians make of this? They should bear in mind that science is an endeavor by humans, sometimes fraught with prejudices and often more uncertain than we would like to believe.

Certainly Christians should care for the environment as it is God's creation, and we should reject materialism. At the same time, this care must be tempered with common sense and must not be more important than care for people. Our current care for the environment has only been possible because of our prosperity, a point often overlooked by "progressives". Contrary to the current media-driven campaign, Christians need a view on the issue that is based in truth, steeped in wisdom, and mindful of godly principles.

© 2006 by Wm. Robert Johnston.
Last modified 30 September 2006.
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