New Mexico wildfires: data

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 18 August 2013

This is a partial listing of historic wildfires in New Mexico, concentrating on those exceeding 40 km2 in size or of other significance. This list includes all wildfires (i.e. forest fires, grassland fires, etc.) and is incomplete.

namedateslocationcausearea (km2)notes
Jaroso10 Jun-05 Jul 2013Pecos NFlightning45.1 
Silver07 Jun-13 Jul 2013Gila NF, near Silver Citylightning561.3 
Thompson Ridge31 May-25 Jul 2013Valles Caldera NPr, near Jemez Springsdowned power line97.0 
Tres Lagunas30 May-15 Jul 2013Santa Fe NF, near Pecosdowned power line41.4 
Piedra02 May-09 May 2013Cibola NF, near Albuquerque?0.2 
Chaparral Prescribed Burn29 Oct-31 Oct 2012Santa Fe NF, near Jemez Springsprescribed burn29.5not a wildfire
Chimney19 Oct-22 Oct 2012Cibola NF, near Albuquerquehuman0.1 
Horse Canyon29 Jun-06 Jul 2012Lincoln NFlightning29.5 
Romero20 Jun-21 Jun 2012Corrales Bosque, near Corralescigarette1.5 
Little Bear04 Jun-05 Jul 2012Lincoln NF, near Ruidosolightning179.4242 homes, 50 other structures destroyed
Whitewater-Baldy Complex09 May-23 Jul 2012Gila NFlightning1205.3largest wildfire in New Mexico history; 13 homes destroyed
Donaldson28 Jun-09 Jul 2011near Hondolightning411.0 
Las Conchas26 Jun-13 Jul 2011Santa Fe NF, near Los Alamosdowned power line633.7second largest wildfire in New Mexico history; 63 homes, 49 other structures destroyed
Wallow29 May-08 Jul 2011Apache NF, near Alpinecampfire2177.4fire mostly in Arizona but crossed into New Mexico; 32 homes, 40 other structures destroyed
Crooked Creek Complex06 May-12 May 2011near Hopelightning73.6 
Miller28 Apr-14 Jun 2011Gila NF, near Silver Cityhuman359.5 
Last Chance24 Apr-09 May 2011Lincoln NF, near Queenhuman215.9 
Tire17 Apr-? 2011near Clovistire blowout68.83 homes destroyed
Enterprise27 Feb-28 Feb 2011near Lovingtonhuman262.83 structures destroyed
South Fork Lake10 Jun-27 Jun 2010Santa Fe NF, near Espanolalightning69.1 
Cato10 Jun-13 Jun 2009 lightning222.9 
Pasco10 Jun-23 Jun 2009 lightning376.5 
Bonney18 Jun-26 Jun 2008 lightning102.6 
Rocky18 Jun-25 Jun 2008 lightning198.8 
Four Lakes30 Apr-01 May 2008 human93.1 
Center Peak15 Apr-23 Apr 2008 human94.0 
Trigo15 Apr-22 May 2008near Belenhuman55.559 homes, 40 other structures destroyed
Stiles Complex14 Mar-16 Mar 2008 human271.2 
Ojo Peak19 Nov-17 Dec 2007Cibola NF, near Mountainairhuman28.23 homes destroyed
Eicks Draw21 Jun-29 Jun 2006 lightning24.2 
Bear 19 Jun-04 Jul 2006Catron Countylightning207.6 
Gladstone Complex15 Jun-18 Jun 2006Union Countylightning105.2 
Harding Complex15 Jun-19 Jun 2006 lightning44.5 
Rivera Mesa15 Jun-25 Jun 2006 lightning72.0 
Reserve Complex06 Jun-28 Jun 2006 lightning62.5 
Skates02 Jun-27 Jun 2006 lightning50.9 
Four Lakes21 May-22 May 2006 lightning80.9 
Jet21 May-23 May 2006 lightning44.5 
Pep 221 May-23 May 2006 lightning32.4 
Woody21 May-23 May 2006 lightning36.4 
Levi20 May-23 May 2006 lightning37.4 
Adobe18 May-01 Jun 2006Grant County, near Animaslightning103.0 
Lumbre15 Apr-17 Apr 2006 ?32.4 
Ojo Feliz12 Apr-18 Apr 2006Mora Countytruck exhaust67.25 structures destroyed
Clapham12 Mar-14 Mar 2006 human46.6 
McDonald12 Mar-14 Mar 2006Lea County, near Lovingtonhuman373.9 
Windy12 Mar-16 Mar 2006 ?25.7 
Hudson11 Mar-12 Mar 2006 ?32.4 
Casa01 Mar-07 Mar 2006Colfax Countyhuman107.3 
Tatum East02 Jan-02 Jan 2006near Tatumdowned power line46.6 
Buckeye01 Jan-01 Jan 2006 downed power line121.4 
Tatum West01 Jan-01 Jan 2006near Tatumdowned power line77.7 
Lookout21 May-? 2004 campfire21.4 
Peppin 15 May-25 Jun 2004 lightning261.0 
Montano25 Jun-25 Jun 2003Bosque in Albuquerquecigarette0.51 home destroyed
Atrisco24 Jun-24 Jun 2003Bosque in Albuquerquefireworks0.6 
Dry Lakes Complex30 May-30 Oct 2003Gila NF, near Silver Citylightning382.8 
Boiler17 Apr-24 Jul 2003Gila NFlightning236.4 
Lakes Complex26 Aug-01 Sep 2002 human17.34 structures destroyed
Ponil02 Jun-17 Jun 2002 lightning373.1 
Borrego22 May-06 Jun 2002Santa Fe County?52.6 
Penasco30 Apr-08 May 2002 human64.412 structures destroyed
La Orilla23 Apr-23 Apr 2002Bosque in Albuquerquecampfire0.11 home destroyed
Middle 31 Mar-12 Apr 2002 lightning152.2 
5-223 Mar-27 Mar 2002Mescalero Apache Res, near Hondohuman66.5 
Kokopelli23 Mar-25 Mar 2002near Ruidosohuman4.028 homes, 1 other structure destroyed
Walnut Complex27 Jun-05 Jul 2001Animas Mtslightning112.1 
Trap and Skeet02 Jun-03 Jun 2001near Ruidoso 1.9 
Rough Creek24 Jun-? 2000  29.3 
Johnny 17 Jun-17 Feb 2000 human161.9 
Chance 05 Jun-11 Jun 2000 lightning133.0 
Viveash29 May-24 Jun 2000near Pecoscampfire114.54 structures destroyed
Manuelitas11 May-19 May 2000near Las Vegas?5.74 structures destroyed
Scott Able11 May-? 2000near Cloudcroftdowned power line83.864 homes destroyed; 2 killed in crash of spotter plane
Cree07 May-? 2000near Ruidosocampfire33.43 homes destroyed
Cerro Grande04 May-20 Jul 2000Bandelier NM, near Los Alamosprescribed burn192.8280 homes, 70 other structures destroyed; Los Alamos and Los Alamos National Laboratory threatened; $1 billion in damages, most destructive in New Mexico history
Cascabel14 Apr-? 2000  60.7 
Grande Complex 07 Mar-08 Mar 2000 human202.3 
XT28 Feb-? 2000  24.3 
Valentine 12 Feb-13 Feb 2000near Tatum?163.2 
Oso Complex20 Jun-? 1998 arson21.0 
San Pedro08 Jun-? 1996Bosque del Apache NWR, near San Pedroarson24.3 
Hondo05 May-11 May 1996 trash fire31.027 homes, 5 other structures destroyed
Dome26 Apr-01 May 1996Santa Fe NF, near Los Alamoscampfire67.9 
BonnerMay 1995Gila NFlightning109.3 
Flat Complex 12 Jun-16 Jun 1994 lightning138.6 
Mashed-O 01 Jun-05 Jun 1993 lightning149.7 
Black Range Complex 18 May-20 Aug 1993 lightning139.9 
Brush/Straw 14 May-31 Jul 1993 lightning174.0 
Burgett1993  21.78 structures destroyed
Henry27 Jun-29 Jun 1991near Jemez 3.2 
Big 13 May-08 Jun 1990 ?134.1 
La Mesa16 Jun-22 Jun 1977Bandelier NM, near Los Alamoshuman62.5first fire with archaeologist input to minimize damage to archaeological sites from fire fighting efforts
Spring1974  58.745 structures destroyed
Water Canyon1954near Los Alamos 24.3 
Little CreekJul 1951Gila NF 56.7 
McKnightJul 1951Gila NFhuman194.5forest crown fire
Capitan Gap04 May-09 May 1950Lincoln NF, near Capitancampfire68.8Smokey Bear found injured after this fire

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