List of National Geographic maps

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 6 October 2023

This is an attempt at a checklist of all pullout maps published in National Geographic from 1888 to the present.

Explanation of columns:

  • Type of map--codes are
  • Scale: given as inverse (e.g. 1,000,000 for 1:1,000,000); cited scale is generally for the smallest scale map or main map for sheets with multiple maps (particularly front-and-back maps).
  • Series: several series are coded as follows (with numbers indicating place in sequence):

    Some caveats:

    TypeYearMonthScale (1 to ?)Map TitleSeries
    P188910 North Carolina Tennesse: Asheville
    H18922 Carte Generale Des Decouvertes De Lamiral De Fonte
    P18923150,000Muir Glacier, Alaska
    S1892311,000,000United States: Estimates of map value
    H18934 Chronicon Hurembergense 1493 Map/Ruysch 1508 Map
    S189626,000,000Valley of the Orinoco River
    S18963100,000,000Submarine Cables of the World
    P189843,600,000Gold and Coal Fields of Alaska
    S18996200,000Theatre of military operations in Luzon
    P1899111,000,000Coast of Northwest America
    S1899121,200,000Seat of war in Africa
    S190091,100,000North Eastern China
    S19021800,000Philippines: signal corps telegraph lines and cables
    S1903212,000,000Pilot chart of the North Atlantic Ocean
    P190412,500,000Alaska Boundary Tribunal
    S190432,500,000Korea and Manchuria
    P190510100,000Location of Panama Canal
    S1907713,000,000North Role Regions
    S1912110,000,000Countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea
    *19122 Bird's eye view of the Panama Canal
    S19121010,000,000China and its territories
    S191485,900,000New Balkan States and Central Europe
    S191575,400,000Europe and Adjoining Portions of Africa and Asia
    *19163 Lhasa, Tibet
    *19165 Greatest achievement of ancient man in America
    *19182 Awe-inspiring spectacle of the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes
    S19185458,124Western Theatre of War
    HC19181210,000,000Races of Europe
    *19211 Argosy of Geography
    S1921514,000,000Asia and adjoining Europe
    S1921108,500,000South America
    S19211222,375,000Islands of the Pacific
    P192225,500,000Countries of the Caribbean
    *19232 Great Wall of China
    P192345,250,000United States
    *19239 Peasant home in Corsica
    P1924510,000,000North America
    P19251114,673,400Arctic Regions
    *19265 Boyhood of Sir Walter Raleigh
    P192692,000,000North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Eastern Tennessee
    P19272900,000Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia
    *192711 Vasco Da Gama at the Court of the Zamorin of Calicut
    *19283 Discoverer
    *19285 Commander Byrd at the North Pole
    *19287 Caravels of Columbus
    *19289 Fate directs the faltering Footsteps of Columbus
    H19281160,000,000Map of discovery, Eastern hemisphere
    H1929160,000,000Map of discovery, Western hemisphere
    S1929126,000,000Europe and Near East
    H193212,500,000Travels of George Washington
    S193355,195,520United States
    *193311 Aerial view of New York
    S1934125,702,400Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies
    *19365 Photo from Explorer II
    S19361235,000,000Pacific Ocean and Hawaii
    S193761,622,000Modern Pilgrim's Map of the British Isles
    P19377100,000White Mountains of New Hampshire
    S1937128,500,000South America
    S193846,000,000Europe and the Mediterranean
    S19387633,600Historic and Scenic reaches of the Nation's Capital
    S1938123,000,000Bible Lands
    S19394505,000Reaches of New York City
    S1939720,000,000Atlantic Ocean
    S1939105,000,000Central Europe and the Mediterranean
    S1939125,702,400Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies
    S194032,217,600Classical Lands of the Mediterranean
    S194056,000,000Europe and the Near East
    S194062,500,000Southwestern US
    S1940125,195,520United States
    S1941320,000,000Indian Ocean including Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia
    S194162,500,000Northwestern United States and neighboring Canadian Provinces
    S1941920,000,000Atlantic Ocean
    S1942235,000,000Theater of War in the Pacific Ocean
    S1942512,000,000North America
    P1942715,000,000Theater of War in Europe, Africa and Western Asia
    S1942108,500,000South America
    S19421217,500,000Asia and Adjacent Areas
    S1943440,000,000World/Northern and Southern Hemispheres
    S194366,000,000Europe and the Near East
    S1943927,500,000Pacific Ocean and the Bay of Bengal
    S194448,000,000Japan and adjacent areas of Asia and the Pacific Ocean
    S194472,000,000Germany and its Approaches
    S1944108,000,000Southeast Asia and Pacific Islands from the Indies and the Philippines to the Solomons
    S194591,750,000Northeastern US
    S1945123,000,000Japan and Korea
    S1946240,000,000Northern Hemisphere
    S194646,000,000India and Burma
    S194675,000,000United States
    S1946124,000,000Bible Lands and the Cradle of Western Civilization
    S194722,500,000Southeastern US
    S194768,000,000Canada, Alaska, and Greenland
    S1947106,000,000Countries of the Caribbean
    S1947122,500,000South Central US
    S194862,500,000North Central US
    S1948963,360Pocket map of Central Washington
    S1948122,500,000Southwestern US
    S194941,650,000British Isles
    S194967,500,000Europe and Near East
    S19491014,000,000Top of the World
    S1949122,750,000Classical lands of the Mediterranean
    S1950312,000,000Africa and the Arabian Peninsula
    S195062,500,000Northwestern United States and neighboring Canadian Provinces
    S1950108,000,000South America
    S1950122,500,000Western Europe
    S1951315,000,000Asia and Adjacent Areas
    S195165,000,000United States
    S195192,500,000Central Europe including the Balkan States
    *19521 Adoration of the Magi
    S1952311,000,000North America
    S195267,500,000Southwest Asia: India, Pakistan, and Northeast Africa
    S195297,500,000Far East
    S19521227,500,000Pacific Ocean
    S195333,500,000Mexico and Central America
    SH195365,000,000Historical map of the US
    S1953103,500,000China Coast and Korea
    S1953122,027,520Great Lakes region of the USA and Canada
    S195433,500,000West Indies
    S195482,500,000Northern Europe
    S1954127,500,000Northern Africa
    S195535,000,000Eastern South America
    S19556760,320New England
    S195596,000,000Southeast Asia
    S19551220,000,000Atlantic Ocean
    S19564580,000Round about the Nations Capital
    S195694,561,920United States
    S1956122,851,200Lands of the Bible Today
    *195711 Mayflower II
    A195712 Map of the Heavens
    S195812,851,200Southeastern USAP 8
    S195836,652,800Southern South AmericaAP 28
    S195857,603,200National Parks: Monuments and Shrines of the US and CanadaAP 13
    S195871,837,440British IslesAP 31
    S195892,154,240Poland and CzechoslovakiaAP 38
    S1958112,851,200North Central USAP 9
    S1958121,647,360Greece and the AegeanAP 40
    S195914,118,400Lands of the Eastern MediterraneanAP 47
    S195942,851,200Northeastern United States including the Great Lakes RegionAP 6
    S195961,520,640GermanyAP 35
    S195974,118,400AlaskaAP 18
    S195996,336,000Western USSRAP 45
    S1959112,851,200Southwestern USAP 12
    S19591221,225,600Asia and Adjacent AreasAP 44
    S1960212,165,120South AmericaAP 25
    S196042,851,200Northwestern United StatesAP 11
    S196062,154,240France, Belgium, and the NetherlandsAP 32
    S196075,068,800HawaiiAP 15
    S1960915,840,000AfricaAP 54
    S19601163,360,000WorldAP 2
    S1960123,801,600Japan and KoreaAP 51
    S196122,851,200South Central USAP 10
    H196142,851,200Battlefields of the Civil WarAP 14
    S196158,236,800Southeast AsiaAP 49
    S196177,603,200United StatesAP 5
    S1961104,942,080Mexico and Central AmericaAP 22
    S1961112,154,240ItalyAP 37
    S1961128,870,400CanadaAP 19
    S196222,154,240BalkansAP 39
    S1962436,432,000Pacific OceanAP 61
    S196269,504,000EuropeAP 30
    S196281,013,760United States: Washington to BostonAP 7
    S196297,286,400East South AmericaAP 27
    S1962117,920,000Southern AfricaAP 57
    S1962124,942,080West IndiesAP 23
    S196329,820,800AntarcticaAP 65
    S196343,041,280ScandanaviaAP 34
    S196358,236,800Southwest AsiaAP 48
    S196372,851,200Central CanadaAP 24
    S196396,969,600AustraliaAP 59
    S1963107,920,000Africa: Countries of the NileAP 56
    S196312506,880Holy Land TodayAP 52
    S196426,652,800Northwestern South AmericaAP 26
    S1964415,206,400North AmericaAP 17
    H196451,850,000Shakespeare's Britain
    S19647133,056Greater New YorkAP 15
    S1964116,652,800ChinaAP 50
    S19641276,032Suburban WashingtonAP 21
    S196514,707,648Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand
    S196532,154,240Spain and PortugalAP 33
    S196551,330,560Nile Valley: Land of the PharaohsAP 58
    S196591,330,560Switzerland, Austria, and Northern ItalyAP 36
    S19651120,021,760Top of the WorldAP 3
    S196651,647,360Northern California/Southern CaliforniaAP 68/69
    S196675,132,160Vacationlands of the United States and Southern Canada
    S196687,920,000Northwest AfricaAP 55
    S196695,068,800Western CanadaAP 21
    S196721,900,800Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand
    S1967311,404,800Eastern Soviet UnionAP 46
    S196752,851,200Eastern CanadaAP 20
    P19671019,000,000Indian Ocean Floor
    S1967122,851,200Lands of the Bible Today
    S196824,561,920United States
    SP1968630,412,800Atlantic Ocean Floor/Atlantic OceanAP 62
    H1968102,250,000Archeological Map of Middle America
    S1968126,000,000Southeast Asia
    A1969211,620,000Earth's Moon
    SP19691036,432,000Pacific Ocean Floor/Pacific Ocean
    S197014,815,360West Indies and Central America
    S197061,900,800Traveler's Map of Italy
    A19708 Heavens
    S19701239,283,200How Man Pollutes His World/World
    SC1971313,812,480Peoples of Mainland Southeast Asia/Asia
    P197161,900,800Traveler's Map of France
    P19711010,011,000Arctic Ocean Floor
    HC19711214,572,800Peoples of Africa
    PC197277,096,000Cultural Map of the Middle East
    S19721010,700,000South America
    H19721210,610,000Indians of North America
    A1973231,770,000Red Planet: Mars
    SR197332,000,000Close-up: U.S.A.: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, WyomingCU 1
    S197353,803,000Mexico/Central America
    SR197381,570,000Close-up: U.S.A.: Wisconsin, Michigan, and the Great LakesCU 6
    *19739 Teammates in mankind's greatest adventure
    SR1973111,331,000Close-Up: U.S.A.: Florida with Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin IslandsCU 9
    SR197432,350,000Close-Up: U.S.A.: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, MissouriCU 4
    S197441,675,000Traveler's Map of the British Isles
    SR197461,700,000Close-up: U.S.A.: California, NevadaCU 2
    SR1974102,350,000Close-up: U.S.A.: Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, TexasCU 5
    SH19741218,000,000Discoverers of the Pacific
    SR197531,050,000Close-Up: U.S.A.: Maine with the Maritime Provinces of CanadaCU 13
    SR197563,295,000Close-Up: U.S.A.: AlaskaCU 14
    SR19757614,600Close-Up: U.S.A.: New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, ConnecticutCU 12
    SR1975101,780,000Close-Up: U.S.A.: Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, MississippiCU 8
    SC1976210,140,000Peoples of the Soviet Union/Soviet Union
    SR19764675,000Close-Up: U.S.A.: HawaiiCU 15
    SP197674,560,000Portrait U.S.A.
    SR197610886,000Close-Up: U.S.A.: Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, West VirginiaCU 10
    E19761258,090,000Whales of the World
    SR197721,267,000Close-Up: U.S.A.: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, KentuckyCU 7
    SH197756,488,000Celtic Europe/Europe
    X197778,250,000Wild and Scenic Rivers
    SR1977102,124,000Close-Up: U.S.A.: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, ColoradoCU 3
    H19771211,400,000Colonization and Trade in the New World
    SR197811,215,000Close-Up: U.S.A.: New York, New Jersey, PennsylvaniaCU 11
    SR197843,500,000Close-Up: Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon TerritoryCUC 1
    T1978724,000Heart of the Grand Canyon/Grand Canyon
    S197896,700,000Middle East
    SR1978123,000,000Close-Up: Canada: OntarioCUC 2
    S197926,394,000Australia: Land of Living Fossils/Australia
    SR197952,600,000Close-Up: Canada: Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest TerritoriesCUC 3
    S1979820,000,000Bird Migration in the Americas/Americas
    SH1979101,687,000Medieval England/British Isles
    S1980214,400,000Africa: Its Political Development/Africa
    SR198053,700,000Close-Up: Canada: Quebec, NewfoundlandCUC 4
    SC198076,000,000Peoples of China/China
    H1980912,000,000Mideast in Turmoil
    SH1980125,148,000Visitor's Guide to the Aztec World/Mexico and Central America
    S198124,500,000Tourist Islands of the West Indies/West Indies and Central America
    SH198141,071,000Ireland and Northern Ireland: A Visitor's Guide
    *19817 Solar System
    SP19811239,370,000World/World Ocean Floor
    H1982322,500,000Indians of South America
    *19824 Face and Faith of Poland
    S198294,560,000America's Federal Lands/United States
    H1982112,167,000Making of America: SouthwestMA 1
    H1982124,730,000Historic Mediterranean/Mediterranean Seafloor
    SH198328,721,000Peoples of the Arctic
    H198331,318,000Making of America: Atlantic GatewaysMA 2
    *19836 Journey into the Universe through Space and Time
    H198382,566,000Making of America: Deep SouthMA 3
    H198311865,100Making of America: HawaiiMA 4
    SH1983125,640,000History of Europe: The Major Turning Points/Europe
    H198414,295,000Making of America: AlaskaMA 5
    H198441,871,000Making of America: Far WestMA 6
    SH198462,982,000Japan/Historical Japan
    H198482,000,000Making of America: Central RockiesMA 7
    SC1984101,850,000Traveler's Map of Spain and Portugal
    SC1984126,522,000Peoples of South Asia/South Asia with Afghanistan and Burma
    H198521,735,000Making of America: Northern ApproachesMA 8
    P198541,057,000Traveler's Map of the Alps
    G1985878,890,000Shaping of a Continent: North America's Active West
    H198592,301,000Making of America: Central PlainsMA 9
    P1985116,929,000Canada's Vacationlands/Canada
    H1985121,551,000Making of America: Ohio ValleyMA 10
    H198632,736,000Making of America: TexasMA 11
    H198642,534,000Central America Past and Present
    SH198672,844,000History of the Philippines/Philippines
    H198682,216,000Making of America: Pacific NorthwestMA 12
    H19861117,500,000Where Did Columbus Discover America?
    H1986122,440,000Making of America: Northern PlainsMA 13
    H198721,056,000Making of America: New EnglandMA 14
    PE198749,469,000Pinnipeds Around the World/Antarctica
    H198772,309,000Making of America: Great LakesMA 15
    SH198794,560,000Territorial Growth of the United States/United States
    H1987114,395,000Making of America: West IndiesMA 16
    SP198828,044,000Traveler's Look at Australia
    H198861,260,000Making of America: Tidewater and EnvironsMA 17
    T19881150,000Mount Everest
    SE19881230,840,000Endangered Earth
    S19892413,500Special Places of the World: Yellowstone and Grand TetonSP 1
    *19896 March Toward Extinction
    SH198972,280,000Historical France: Evolution of a Nation/France
    SH1989101,609,000Land of the Maya: A Traveler's Map
    SH198912405,500Special Places of the World: Holy LandSP 2
    P1990131,860,000World Ocean Floors: Arctic Ocean/Atlantic Ocean
    SH1990310,140,000Soviet Union
    *19908 Portraits of Our Celestial Family
    SC1990928,050Special Places of the World: New York CitySP 3
    SE19901214,220,000Africa: Threatened
    SH199125,877,000States in Turmoil: The Middle East/Middle East
    SH199132,362,000Making of Canada: QuebecMC 1
    SP199191,581,000Traveler's Map of Germany/Germany
    H1991107,747,000Native American Heritage: A Visitors Guide
    H19911212,470,000World War II: Europe and North Africa/Asia and the Pacific
    H1992215,040,000Spain in the Americas
    SH199242,914,000Making of Canada: British ColumbiaMC 2
    P1992637,870,000World Ocean Floors: Pacific Ocean/Indian Ocean
    SP1992811,890,000Amazonia: A World Resource at Risk
    SC1992102,382,000Southwest U.S.A.
    E1993119,112,000North America in the Age of Dinosaurs
    SC1993310,140,000Communism to Capitalism/Russia and CIS
    S199372,208,000Coastal California
    SH1993102,980,000Making of Canada: Atlantic CanadaMC 3
    SE1993114,560,000Water/United States
    SH199471,000,000Boston to Washington
    SC199494,358,000Traveler's Map of Mexico/Mexico
    SH1994123,017,000Making of Canada: Prairie ProvincesMC 4
    SH19951850,000Egypt's Nile Valley
    SH199521,765,000Historical Italy
    G1995448,000,000Earth's Fractured Surface/Living on the Edge
    SP199572,847,000Heart of the Rockies
    *199512 Star Birth in the Orion Nebula
    SH1996484,840Old City: Jerusalem
    SH199662,667,000Making of Canada: OntarioMC 5
    SP1996106,766,000Federal Lands in the Fifty States/United States
    H19961218,500,000MongolsGP 1
    C1997235,660,000Dawn of Humans
    SC199757,345,000South Asia with Afghanistan and Myanmar/India
    H199778,351,000RomansGP 2
    SH199796,186,000Making of Canada: The NorthMC 6
    H1997122,400,000MesoamericansGP 3
    H1998254,109,440Millennium in Maps: ExplorationMM 1
    PE1998554,100,000Millennium in Maps: Physical EarthMM 2
    E1998716,000,000Natural Hazards of North America
    C19981054,109,440Millennium in Maps: PopulationMM 3
    SC1998122,074,000Traveler's Map of Spain and Portugal
    E1999254,109,440Millennium in Maps: BiodiversityMM 5
    SP199957,100,000Caspian Sea/Caspian Region
    C1999854,109,440Millennium in Maps: CulturesMM 4
    A199910 Millennium in Maps: Milky WayMM 6
    H199912 GreeksGP 4
    SH200022,850,000Balkans/Plight of the Refugees
     200061,829,000Traveler's Map of Britain and Ireland
    SE200076,766,055Australia: Under Siege
    H200094,499,000Western Migration/Pathfinders
    SE20001222,000,000Dawn of Humans: Peopling of the Americas/Americas
    A2001227,400,000Mars Revealed
    H200141,775,000EgyptiansGP 5
    H2001757,000,000Sunken Treasures
    SE2001917,531,000Africa's Natural Realms
    SC2001123,363,300Afghanistan: Land in Crisis/Afghanistan and Pakistan
    PE200229,200,000Antarctica: A New Age of Exploration
    H200255,450,000IncasGP 6
    T2002650,000Quest for Everest
    E2002949,611,000World Transformed/Thirsty Planet
    SP2002102,281,000Heart of the Middle East
    S200333,737,000Traveler's Map of the West Indies
    P2003536,000Everest 50/Sagarmatha National Park
    SH200371,560,000Two Koreas
    *200312 100 Years of Flight
    E2004436,800,000Bird Migration in the Eastern/Western Hemispheres
    *20047 New Views of Our Sun
    HC200498,427,000North American Indian Culture/Indian Country
    S20041146,360,000World/Earth at Night
    H200542,950,000Battles of the Civil War
    S200569,377,000Europe/Europe in Transition
    PE2005914,636,000Africa, a Storied Landscape
    *200512 Sea Monsters
    E2006455,630,000Earthquakes: Living with the Threat
    *20066 Soccer Unites the World
    SP2006105,200,000United States
    *200612 Solar System
    H200754,650,000A World Transformed/Jamestown
    SP200784,587,000Mexico and Central America/The Dividing Link
    E20071083,000,000Changing Climate/Greenhouse Earth
    *200712 Planet of the Dinosaurs
    P200858,250,000China/The Forbidden City
    P200883,254,000Iran/The Empire of Persia
    P2008121,530,000Crucible of History/Jerusalem's Holy Ground
    P2009410,505,000Arctic Ocean: The Unexpected Frontier
    P200974,300,000Southeast Asia/Khmer Rouge
    E2010440,000,000The World's Fresh Water
    P2010102,643,000Gulf of Mexico/Layers of Life
    P20101151,800,000World/Great Migrations
    C2011380,000,000Face of Seven Billion/World of Seven Billion
    P2011114,222,000Africa's Great Lakes/The Great Rift Valley
    H20125445,0001863: Turning Point of the Civil War/From Civil War to Civil Rights
    P2012949,196,000Beneath the Oceans/Mauna Kea
    P20165850,000In the Hot Zone: Yellowstone Below the Surface/The Pulse of the Park: Yellowstone Elk Migrations
    P201662,577,320A Changing Pacific Coast/Claiming British Columbia
    P20161128,249,000Mars/Colonizing Mars
    P2016127,000,000Saving Unique Habitats/Dreaming Green
    *20183*How Birds Migrate
    P20207*Asia’s Vital Rivers/Mount Everest
    *20219*Solar System in Action/The Sun
    P202112575,000Serengeti in Motion/Habitats of the Serengeti
    P20225 World’s Forests: Decades of Loss and Change/Rainforests: A Delicate Balance
    P202362,000,000Ukraine: A Year at War: February 2022-February 2023/NATO, Geopolitics, and the Fight to Fuel Europe
    *202310*Star Cradle/Heavens: Majesty of the Night Sky

    During 2009-2023 National Geographic significantly curtailed the publication of map inserts, but increased the publication of removable foldout posters or maps. Here is a partial listing of these posters/maps.

    TypeYearMonthScale (1 to ?)Map TitleSeries
    P19793*Wildlife Refuges of the United States
    S19831110,000Washington: Inside the Beltway/Heart of Our Nation's Capital
    X2000881,000Sydney/Sydney Olympic Park
    SR20046*Washington, DC
    P2009103,000,000Last of the Giants
    *20108*Blue Holes
    *201011*Barcelona's Natural Wonder
    *20119*Photo Journal
    *201111*Cats in Crisis
    *201211*Fastest Animal
    *201212*Tree of Life
    *20136*Pathfinders: The Arc of Exploration/Cosmic Journeys
    P20139*If All the Ice Melted
    *201310*125 1888-2013 National Geographic
    *20142*Il Duomo: The Cathedral of Florence/Redefining the Dome
    *20144*Cosmic Questions
    P201410*California's Water
    *20153*Trajan's Column
    *20166*Sharks: Lords of the Sea/Perfect Predators
    H2017412,000,000Vikings—Far-Flung Realm/A Fearsome Fleet
    *2017 *A History of Stadiums/The Stadium of Tomorrow

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