Aspen area, Colorado, in 2010

All images copyright © 2010 by Wm. Robert Johnston.

Pictures in the Aspen area, Colorado, in June 2010

Linkins Lake, near Independence Pass east of Aspen, Colorado.
Part of the ghost town of Independence, Colorado, populated for just ten years at the end of the 1800s during the Colorado gold rush.
Trail(?) to Linkins Lake from Independence Pass, on Hwy. 82 in Colorado east of Aspen.
Flower at Linkins Lake.
Stream draining from Linkins Lake near Independence Pass, Colorado. The top of the cascade is around 3700 meters elevation.
End of one entry in the Snowmass Rodeo!
Looking south from near Ashcroft ghost town, south of Aspen, Colorado.
Cascade at the trailhead for Linkins Lake.
Mt. Daly (4055 meters), west of Snowmass Village, Colorado.
Near Aspen, Colorado.
Falls near the Grottos on Roaring Fork River, along Hwy. 82 southeast of Aspen, Colorado.

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