Boulder, Colorado, in 2007-2008

All images copyright © 2007-2008 by Wm. Robert Johnston.

Pictures in Boulder, 2007-2008

The Flatirons, a group of distinctive rock formations overlooking Boulder.
Another view of the Flatirons from the south.
The Flatirons, seen from Chautauqua Meadow on Baseline Road. The First Flatiron, on the right, rises highest from this view; its peak is at about 2,210 meters altitude, about 480 meters higher than where this picture was taken. The Third Flatiron, going to the left, is the one catching some sunlight in this late afternoon view.
Clouds playing around the First Flatiron following the light snowfall.
Sunbeams one afternoon.
Double rainbow over a store my crafty wife enjoys.
A squirrel at University of Colorado, expecting a handout and going away disappointed.
Not the Flatirons proper, but a similar set just to the south.
Bee outside the NCAR facility.
Tulip at the Pearl Street Mall, downtown Boulder.
Flowering tree in Boulder.

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