The Ming Tombs

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The Ming Tombs (Shisanling) are about 43 km north-northwest of the center of Beijing and include 13 mausoleums of Ming emperors. The Tomb of Emperor Wanli at Dingling is the most restored and most visited mausoleum. It was built from 1584 to 1590 and Wanli was buried there in 1620.
A carved stone ramp along a stairway, representative of many found at historic sites in China.
View from atop the mausoleum at Dingling. View is towards the spot where the photograph at the top of the page was taken.
The Beijing International Golf Club is 2 km south of Shisanling, just north of Shisanling Reservior, and may be visited by golf enthusiasts (such as my advisor).

These two views from the golf course show the surrounding mountains.

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