Annular eclipse and Venus transit, 2012

All images copyright © 2012 by Wm. Robert Johnston and Victoria Johnston.

Two special events were visible from the western U.S. in 2012: an annular eclipse on 20 May and the transit of Venus on 6 June.

Early in the eclipse of 20 May, with the Moon partly in front of the Sun. Several sunspots are visible.
Annularity, or peak eclipse; the Moon was near its furthest point from the Earth in its orbit, so in contrast to a total solar eclipse its apparent size in the sky was too small to fully cover the Sun.
A most peculiar sunset.
Beginning of the transit of Venus on 6 June, with Venus moving in front of the Sun. Again, several sunspots are visible; this was about 2/3rds of a solar rotation after the eclipse.
Near the midpoint of the Venus transit. The next transit of Venus will be in 2117.

© 2012 by Wm. Robert Johnston.
Last modified 1 September 2012.
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