Heber Valley, Utah, in 2008

All images copyright © 2008 by Wm. Robert Johnston.

Pictures while visiting Midway and Heber City for the 2008 GEM Workshop.

View from the Ridge trail near the visitor center of Wasatch Mountain State Park, outside Midway, Utah, here about 200 meters above the valley floor. Numbers show:
  1. Zermatt Resort (behind the hill),
  2. Homestead Crater, an 18-meter high dome built by deposits from a hot spring, now used for scuba diving,
  3. Memorial Hill, with a memorial to Wasatch County veterans at the summit,
  4. downtown Midway,
  5. downtown Heber City (home of Dairy Keen), and
  6. mountains rising to 3000 meters altitude to the east of Heber Valley.
View of the mountains from near Salt Lake City.
Heber Valley, with the Provo River in the foreground and Mt. Timpanogos on the horizon.
View to the northeast of Midway, in Wasatch Mountain State Park, at sunset.
Mountains near Heber Valley.
Between Heber City and Midway.
Flowering tree.
Dandelion. These last three pictures are from the visitor center trail in Wasatch Mountain State Park.

© 2008 by Wm. Robert Johnston.
Last modified 3 June 2008.
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