New Mexico wildfires

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Pictures of smoke plumes from New Mexico wildfires in 2011-2013. (For data on New Mexico wildfires see this page.)

Smoke plume from the Silver Fire in the Gila National Forest, 12 June 2013, seen from 270 km away. This fire was started by lightning on 7 June and spread to 148 sq. km.
Smoke plume from the Thompson Ridge Fire in Valles Caldera National Preserve, 4 June 2013, seen from 85 km away. A downed power line started this fire which spread to 97 sq. km.
The Piedra Fire in the Sandias, 2 May 2013.
While planes were dropping water on the Piedra fire, helicopters battled some smaller fires just south in the Sandia foothills.
Smoke about 90 km downwind from the Chaparral "Prescribed Burn", 31 October 2012.
The Needle in the Sandias, as backdrop to smoke from the Chimney Fire, 19 October 2012. A helicopter making a water drop is just right of the Needle.
Smoke from the Romero fire, 20 June 2012, from 13 km downwind. This fire started in the Corrales Bosque brush along the Rio Grande just north of Albuquerque, apparently from a discarded cigarette from a fire patrol member.
View from Capitan, New Mexico, of smoke from the Little Bear Fire in Lincoln National Forest near Ruidoso, New Mexico, 9 June 2012. It was started by lightning on 4 June in mountain terrain in Lincoln National Forest, but flared up 8-10 June and destroyed 242 homes outside Ruidoso, making it one of the most destructive wildfires in New Mexico history. About 179 sq. km were burned. This photo is from Smokey Bear Historical Park, a museum remembering Smokey Bear, who survived the Capitan Gap forest fire near here in 1950 and became a national icon.
Little Bear Fire smoke from 16 km away.
Sunrise colored by smoke from the Whitewater-Baldy forest fire in Gila National Forest; this lightning-caused fire was the largest in New Mexico history at 1,205 sq. km. This view is of the Sandias near Albuquerque, 280 km downwind from the fire, on 25 May 2012.
The Las Conchas fire near Los Alamos, 27 June 2011. At 634 sq. km, it was the largest wildfire at the time in New Mexico history. This fire destroyed 63 homes near Los Alamos, reminding local residents of the Cerro Grande fire in May 2000. Areas burned by the Cerro Grande fire served as a firebreak for the Las Conchas fire, fortunate given the far more rapid growth of the latter fire.
Smoke from the Arizona Wallow fire, 8 June 2011, seen in Albuquerque. The Wallow fire was the largest in Arizona history, spreading across 2,177 sq. km and crossing into New Mexico.
For several days the Wallow fire smoke plume would close in on Albuquerque in the afternoon, creating very poor air quality despite being nearly 300 km away.

© 2011-2013 by Wm. Robert Johnston.
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