Tenerife, 2008

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We visited Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands of Spain, for the Cluster Active Archive Workshop in March 2008. The meeting was held in Puerto Santiago.
The Los Gigantes cliffs, just north of Puerto Santiago, rising 600 meters out of the ocean.
Late afternoon sunbeams, looking west from Puerto Santiago.
View of Mt. Teide volcano, at 3700 meters the highest point in Spain. The rock formation at left is the well-known Roques de Garcia.
Another view of Mt. Teide, from the cable car stop near the summit.
Sun setting over La Gomera.
View from the beach in Puerto Santiago, on the west side of Tenerife, facing the island La Gomera, 29 km distant.
Wave hitting the beach, with Puerto Santiago and the Los Gigantos cliffs in the background.
Sunset on Tenerife beach.

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