Selected Votes by Senator John Kerry

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compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
25 March 2004

dateitem #Kerry's voteoutcome
3/25/04HR1997nopass 61-38Laci and Conner's Law, to protect unborn children from assault and murder
3/11/04SR319didn't votepass 96-0resolution expressing sense of Senate regarding the terrorist attack in Spain
11/12/03HR1588didn't votepass 95-3National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2004
11/12/03HR1didn't votepass 54-44conf. report on Prescription Drug and Medicare Improvement Act
11/11/03HR1828didn't votepass 89-4bill to oppose Syrian support for terrorism and occupation of Lebanon
10/30/03Amdt 2028 to S139yesfail 43-55Lieberman Amdt. to legislate limits on carbon dioxide and other emissions
10/28/03PN884didn't votepass 88-8confirming Michael O. Leavitt as Administrator of EPA
10/21/03S3nopass 64-34conf. report on Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act
10/17/03S1689nopass 87-12emergency supplemental funds for Iraq and Afghanistan security and reconstruction
10/17/03Amdt 1882 to S1689nopass 67-32to establish a National Commission on the Development and Use of Intelligence Related to Iraq
10/17/03Amdt 1859 to S1689nopass 52-47to promote establishment of Iraq Reconstruction Finance Authority and use of Iraqi oil revenues to fund reconstruction
10/15/03Amdt 1834 to S1689didn't votefail 45-52to increase end strength of Army and structure additional forces for constabulary duty
10/15/03Amdt 1806 to S1689didn't votepass 95-2express sense of Congress that removal of Hussein has enhanced security of Israel and other U.S. allies
9/25/03HR2658didn't votepass 95-0Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2004
7/24/03HR2555didn't votepass 93-1Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2004
7/17/03HR2658didn't votepass 95-0Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2004
7/16/03HR2330didn't votepass 94-1bill supporting democracy in Burma
7/10/03Amdt 1190 to S925yespass 97-0to express sense of Congress that U.S. remain engaged in Iraq to ensure peaceful, stable, unified Iraq with a representative government
6/20/03S504didn't votepass 90-0to establish academies for teachers and students of American history and civics
6/11/03S1215didn't votepass 97-1bill supporting democracy in Burma
5/8/03S113didn't votepass 90-4to exclude U.S. persons from definition of "foreign power" under Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978
4/3/03S762didn't votepass 93-0supplemental appropriations for operations in Iraq and Department of Homeland Security
4/3/03Amdt 514 to S762didn't votepass 51-46to increase funding for Office of Domestic Preparedness by $2.33 billion
4/3/03Amdt 455 to S762didn't votepass 67-26to provide humanitarian food assistance in Iraq
4/2/03Amdt 452 to S762didn't votepass 52-47to appropriate $1.047 billion for procurement to National Guard and Reserves
3/27/03HR1307didn't votepass 97-0Armed Forces Tax Fairness Act
3/26/03Amdt 430 to SCR23nofail 48-52to extend child tax credit until 2013
3/25/03Amdt 413 to SCR23nofail 47-52to repeal 1993 tax increase on Social Security benefits
3/21/03Amdt 270 to SCR23yespass 52-47to create reserve fund for possible military action and reconstruction in Iraq
3/19/03Amdt 272 to SCR23yespass 52-48to prevent consideration of oil drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
3/12/03Amdt 260 to S3yespass 52-46to express sense of Senate by affirming Roe v. Wade decision
3/5/03Treaty 107-8yespass 95-0ratifying SORT Treaty with Russia
3/4/03SR71didn't votepass 94-0affirming Pledge of Allegiance
1/22/03PN1didn't votepass 94-0confirming Thomas J. Ridge as Secretary of Homeland Security
11/19/02HR5005yespass 90-9to create Department of Homeland Security
11/19/02Amdt 4901 to HR5005yespass 69-30establishing Department of Homeland Security
10/11/02HJR114yespass 77-23Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution
10/10/02Amdt 4868 to SJR45nofail 14-86to deny additional authority to President for actions not directly related to existing threat posed by Iraq
10/10/02Amdt 4865 to SJR45yesfail 30-70to amend authorization for U.S. military action to cover an imminent threat posed by Iraq's WMD rather than the continuing threat posed by Iraq
10/10/02Amdt 4862 to SJR45nofail 24-75to authorize U.S. military action pursuant to a new UN Security Council resolution regarding Iraq's prohibited weapons
9/12/02Amdt 4533 to HR5005yesfail 48-49to modify membership and advisors of National Security Council
6/26/02SR292yespass 99-0affirming Pledge of Alleigance
10/25/01HR3162yespass 98-1USA PATRIOT Act
9/14/01SJR23yespass 98-0Authorization for use of military force

Source: U.S. Senate, on line [].

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