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All images copyright © 2001-2005 by Wm. Robert Johnston, unless otherwise indicated.

On an experimental basis, I am making available some space art images in computer wallpaper versions. Space constraints limit this to a few images at a time, but I will rotate these choices periodically.

Please note: these are for personal use only. In general these images use graphic products produced and shared by others. Links to sources are given; please respect their rights.

This view shows Jupiter and its Galilean moons. Europa is at the upper right, Io at the upper left, and Ganymede and Callisto at the lower right (Callisto is closer to Jupiter).

The Jupiter map is Björn Jónsson's new Jupiter map. The Europa map is from the USGS-Flagstaff web site incorporating some color information from Björn Jónsson's new Europa map.

Link to 800x600 version.
Link to 1024x768 version.

This view shows Saturn and its rings. Four satellites are visible in the foreground.

The model for the rings is that of Sigmund Kyrre Ås (pictured at that link, with the model as a zipped file at this link) and the map of Saturn is by Björn Jónsson.

Link to 800x600 version.
Link to 1024x768 version.

This view shows Ringworld (described in Larry Niven's 1970 science fiction novel Ringworld) from 200,000,000 km from the star.

This image was rendered combining a POV-Ray image with Paint Shop Pro 7 effects. The star map background is from David Seal's database of cylindrical maps. For an description of Ringworld, see Space art: spacecraft, fictional.

Link to 800x600 version.
Link to 1024x768 version.

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