Military history of the Federation

by Wm. Robert Johnston
1998 with minor updates 10 September 2001
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I. Military history (not released)
II. Summary of known data on major conflicts
III. Known attacks on Earth

II. Summary of known data on major conflicts

World War II

   Global conflict between nation states on Earth, 1939-1945

   Germany under Nazi leader A. Hitler occupied nations in Europe beginning 1 Sep 1939; Germany defeated France, 22 Jun 1939; Japan occupied Indochina in Sep 1940; Germany postponed fight with Great Britain and invaded Soviet Union in Jun 1941; United States entered war 11 Dec 1941; Soviet Union furthered genocide against Soviet population during war; Japan occupied part of Asia and most of Pacific by Jun 1942 when United States reversed Japanese advance; Germany controlled most of Europe and European Soviet Union by Nov 1942 when Soviet offenses reversed expansion; Germany engaged in genocide against Jews and others in Europe, developed cruise and ballistic missiles used in Europe in 1944-1945; Soviet advances, United States aerial bombardment, and Allied offenses culminated in German defeat, 7 May 1945; United States developed first atomic bombs and used two to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, 6-9 Aug 1945, forcing Japanese surrender; aftermath left Soviet Union in control of half of Europe and saw formation of United Nations. Total fatalities were 60,000,000 (2.3% of world population), including 15,000,000 in combat, 6,000,000 to German genocide, 20,000,000 in the Soviet Union from Soviet and German actions.

Eugenics Wars

   Continental conflict in Asian nation states on Earth, 1993-1996

   K. Singh, product of genetic engineering, gains control of many nation states from South Asia to Middle East in 1992; genetical-bred individuals seize power in coups in 40 nations in 1993; conflicts with and among the "supermen"-led nations result in large-scale destruction (although not in the United States and probably not in Europe); Singh's state is the last to be defeated; on Singh's overthrow in 1996 he is launched with 96 companions on sleeper ship SS Botany Bay, escaping from solar system. Total fatalities probably number in millions.

World War III

   Global nuclear conflict between nation states on Earth, 2053

   Conflict apparently triggered by unauthorized military action by Colonel Green (American?); involved many nations, including the United States (which used ICBMs); most national governments collapsed; destroyed cities include Washington, DC; cities suspected destroyed include Charleston, SC in the United States, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, Berlin in Germany; cities known to have survived include New Orleans, LA, San Francisco, CA in the United States, London in the United Kingdom, Edinburgh in Scotland, and Paris in France; urban fires resulted in a nuclear autumn causing global crop failures. Total fatalities were 600,000,000 (7% of world population), possibly including 37,000,000 military deaths.

Romulan War

   Conflict between Romulan Empire and Earth, ~2138-2160

   Earth and several allied planets possessed warp technology but Romulans did not during conflict, beginning around 2138; conflict involved no direct contact between Romulans and (surviving) humans; region of hostilities was near Romulan homeworlds of Romulus and Romii, but conflict may have reached Earth; Romulans defeated at Battle of Chernon in 2160, followed by sub-space radio negotiations leading to Treaty of Algeron establishing Neutral Zone between Romulan Empire and Earth; United Federation of Planets established in aftermath of war.

Klingon War

   Conflict between Klingon Empire and Federation, 2223-2267

   First contact between Federation and Klingons results in disaster, 2218; open hostilities develop by 2223; Battle of Donatu V in disputed territory occurs in 2242; Garth leads Star Fleet battle victory at Axenar in 2250; Organians impose peace between Federation and Klingons in encounter involving USS Enterprise, 20 Oct 2267.

Romulan-Klingon War

   Conflict between Romulan Empire and Klingon Empire, 2292-2373-

   Klingons won battle of Klach D'kel Brakt against Romulans around 2272; in 2292 the Romulan and Klingon alliance (dating to around 2268) collapsed; Klingon-Federation relations began improving in 2293 while Romulan-Federation relations began deteriorating in 2311; Romulan attack destroyed Klingon outpost (and USS Enterprise-C) at Narendra III in 2344; Romulans began efforts to destabilize Klingon politics around 2345; Klingons attack several Romulan border outposts, Jan 2372. In one timeline Klingon Empire defeated Romulans around ~2380.

Cardassian Wars

   War by Cardassian Union against Federation and Bajor, ~2350-2366

   Cardassian Union claims Bajor in 2328 and annexes it in 2339, beginning guerilla war by Bajorans; conflict between Cardassia and Federation developed by about 2350; peace treaty between Cardassia and Federation signed in 2366; Cardassians withdraw from Bajor and relinquish Terek Nor space station to Federation, redesignated Deep Space 9, in May 2369; Federation and Cardassia concluded renegotiation of territorial boundary in 2370, prompting insurgent conflict by Maquis; fatalities include 10,000,000 Bajorans during occupation.

Battle of Wolf 359

   Battle in Borg attack on Earth, 2367

   Borg ship coming from outside galactic plane to attack Earth destroys USS Lalo in Dec 2366; fleet of 40 Star Fleet and 2 Klingon ships intercepts Borg ship near Wolf 359 in Jan 2366; 39 Star Fleet ships and both Klingon ships are destroyed, including USS Bellerephon, USS Bonestell, USS Buran, USS Chekov, USS Firebrand, USS Gage, USS Hoagland, USS Kyushu, USS Melbourne, USS Princeton, USS Roosevelt, USS Saratoga, and USS Tolstoy; only ship to survive was USS Ahwahnee, disabled and later recovered; after Borg ship disables solar system and Earth defenses, USS Enterprise-D intercepts and destroys Borg ship in Earth orbit. Total fatalities in Battle of Wolf 359 proper were 11,000.

Dominion War

   Conflict between Dominion and Alpha Quadrant, 2370-2375

   Stable wormhole from Alpha Quadrant (near Deep Space 9) to Gamma Quadrant first recognized and used by Federation in May 2369; First contact by Federation with Dominion involved Jem'Hadar (Dominion military) kidnapping of Federation personnel visiting Gamma Quadrant through wormhole in Dec 2369; Jem'Hadar transited wormhole, attacked ships and Bajoran outpost near Bajor, and demanded end to wormhole traffic; Federation rescue mission to Gamma Quadrant retrieves kidnapped personnel while Jem'Hadar vessel rams and destroys USS Odyssey; first Federation contact with shapeshifters, founders of Dominion, occurs Mar 2371; Romulans loan cloaking device to Federation for use in Gamma Quadrant, 2371; joint task force of 20 Romulan Tal Shiar and Cardassian Obsidian Order ships transit wormhole around Oct 2371 and attack Dominion homeworld but are ambushed, with all ships lost, including Koranak (Cardassian) and Belak and Makar (Romulan); concern over Dominion results in coup on Cardassia which overthrows military government, Jan 2372, and attempted military coup on Earth in Apr 2372 which fails; Federation assists Dominion in action against renegade Jem'Hadar group, Nov 2372; military alliance established between Dominion and Cardassia, 2373; Dominion and Cardassia launch attack on Deep Space 9, Dec 2373.

   Cardassian coup overthrows military government, Jan 2372; Klingons fear a Dominion takeover of Cardassia and launch offensive against Cardassia, 5 Jan 2372; Federation refuses to join Klingons, prompting Klingons to end Khitomer accords; Federation evacuates Cardassian ruling council to Deep Space 9, prompting massive unsuccessful Klingon attack; Klingons forced to abandon war on Cardassia after devastating Cardassian forces; Klingons attack several Romulan outposts to reassert power, Jan 2372; Klingons destroy outpost on Korma in 2372, killing Cardassian and Bajoran officials.

Borg incursion

   Borg attack on Earth, 2373

   Borg ship is intercepted by several dozen Star Fleet ships in near-Earth space, Nov 2373; many ships are heavily damaged or destroyed, including USS Lexington; USS Enterprise-E, in violation of orders, arrives and destroys Borg ship as it releases a probe; probe travels back in time to 5 Apr 2063 to prevent Z. Cochrane's first warp experiment and assimilate Earth but is followed by USS Enterprise-E; USS Enterprise-E assists Cochrane's experiment and defeats Borg by 6 Apr 2063 before returning to Nov 2373. Total fatalities (in restored timeline) were probably several thousand.

War between Borg and Species 8472

   Interdimensional conflict between Borg and Species 8472, 2373-2374

   Borg attack Species 8472 in alternate dimension, attempting to assimilate their biotechnology; Species 8472 retaliates with overwhelming attacks in Delta Quadrant, destroying over 330 Borg cube ships and many planets; USS Voyager assists Borg in developing nanoweapons to destroy several Species 8472 ships, compeling their withdrawal back to their dimension; USS Voyager then escapes the Borg. Total fatalities, over 4,000,000 Borg.

III. Attacks on Earth

~1800: The Preservers remove a sample population of American Indians to a remote star system.

1893: Several aliens from Devidia II, having time-traveled from 2368, kill a number of humans in San Francisco, USA. They are defeated by Star Fleet personnel who also travel in time from 2368.

Jul 1937: Over 300 humans from various nation states are kidnapped by the Briori and taken to a planet in the Delta Quadrant.

1968: Gary Seven, a human trained by extraterrestrials, is sent to Earth to sabotage the launch of an orbital nuclear weapons platform by the United States. Star Fleet personnel who traveled in time from 2267 eventually cooperate in the successful destruction of the platform before it accidentally falls over the USSR.

9 Apr 2063: Borg ship, having time-traveled from 2373, attacks Zefram Cochrane's launch facility in Montana, USA, resulting in casualties. The attack is stopped by the USS Enterprise-E, which also time-traveled from 2373. Star Fleet personnel assist Cochrane in repairing the Phoenix and launching it on Apr 2063. Surviving Borg aboard the Enterprise again attempt to destroy the Phoenix in flight but are defeated and destroyed.

~2150: Possible attack or attacks on Earth by Romulans during the Romulan Wars.

~2260: Act of political terrorism on Earth; origin unspecified.

Jan 2272: V'Ger attack on Earth. Originally the Earth probe Voyager 6, V'Ger was made into a powerful sentient artificial entity. Returning to Earth it mistakenly prepared to destroy all biological entities on Earth. The crew of the USS Enterprise successfully persuaded it to abort the attack and depart Earth.

Oct 2286: Alien probe reaches Earth and attempts contact with humpback whales. Finding the species extinct, it begins attacking Earth by generating global violent weather. The former crew of the USS Enterprise, flying a commandeered Klingon bird of prey, time-travel to 1986, recover a pair of humpbacks, and return them to 2286. The alien probe makes contact with the pair and ends its attack.

Jan 2367: Borg cube reaches Earth orbit after defeating a Federation task force at Wolf 359 and solar system defenses. After the cube defeats Earth planetary defenses, the Enterprise-D is able to induce the cube to self-destruct.

~Apr 2372: Terrorist bombing at a Romulan/Federation conference in Antwerp kills 27.

~Jul 2373: Borg cube reaches Earth where it encounters a Federation task force. The task force is joined by the Enterprise-E which leads an attack sucessful in destroying the cube. The cube launches a probe which travels in time to 2053 to assimilate Earth (see 2053).

~Nov 2375: Breen ships as part of Dominion alliance against Earth launch attacks on Earth targets. All the Breen ships are destroyed, but successful strikes are made against Star Fleet headquarters in San Francisco and targets in Oakland.

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