year           event

 8000 BC    Ferengi codify capitalist practices in the Rules of Acquisition
  300       Dominion founded in Gamma Quadrant by shape-shifters
 ~400       Vulcan dissidents leave Vulcan to establish Romulan empire
 ~800       Kahless the Unforgettable unites the Klingon homeworld
 1600       Bajorans begin space travel by solar sails
~1870       Cardassian Union established
 1939-1945  World War II, including first use of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons
 1957       First artificial satellite launch from Earth, Sputnik I by U.S.S.R.
 1961       First human in space, Gagarin of U.S.S.R.
 1969       First humans land on Moon, Armstrong and Aldrin of U.S.A.
 1971       First transiently-manned space station, Salyut 1 of U.S.S.R.
 1971       First human fatalities in space
(1980)      First reusable spacecraft launched, space shuttle by U.S.A.
 1993-1996  Eugenics Wars in Asia, 37,000,000 killed
~2017       First manned mission to Saturn
 2024       Domestic unrest in United States and Europe
 2053       World War III on Earth, 600,000,000 killed
~2060       Genocide led by Colonel Green
 2063       Warp drive developed by Cochrane
 2063       First contact with Vulcans
 2110       Establishment of unified world government on Earth
(2138)      War begins between Romulan Empire and Earth
 2151       Launch of Enterprise, NX-01
 2151-2161  (Star Trek:  Enterprise)
 2155       Conference lays groundwork for Federation
 2160       Defeat of Romulan Empire, Treaty of Algeron signed
 2161       United Federation of Planets established
~2218       First contact with Klingons results in disaster
~2223       Development of state of war between UFP and Klingon Empire
 2245       Launch of Enterprise, NCC-1701
 2254       Talos IV declared off-limits
 2266-2269  (Star Trek:  The Original Series)
 2266       Romulan incursion into Neutral Zone
 2267       Organians impose peace between UFP and Klingon Empire
~2268       Romulan and Klingon empires begin sharing military technology
 2272       Launch of refitted Enterprise, NCC-1701
 2272       (Star Trek:  The Motion Picture)
~2272       Klingons defeat Romulans in battle of Klach D'kel Brakt
 2285       (Star Trek II:  The Wrath Of Khan)
 2285       (Star Trek III:  The Search For Spock)
 2286       (Star Trek IV:  Voyage Home)
 2286       Attack on Earth by alien probe stopped by Enterprise crew
 2286       Launch of refitted Enterprise, NCC-1701A
 2287       (Star Trek V:  The Final Frontier)
 2292       Alliance collapses between Klingon and Romulan empires
 2292       Klingon homeworld Qo'noS threatened by explosion on one of its moons
 2292-2293  (Star Trek VI:  The Undiscovered Country)
 2293       Khitomer Conference begins improved relations between UFP and Klingon Empire
 2294       (Star Trek:  Generations)
 2294       Launch of Enterprise, NCC-1701B
 2294       Dyson sphere discovered
~2300       Klingons complete extermination of the Tribble
 2311       Relations between UFP and Romulans deteriorate
 2328       Cardassian Union claims Bajor
 2339       Bajor annexed by Cardassian Union
 2344       Enterprise-C lost in Romulan attack on Klingon outpost
~2345       Romulans begin efforts to destabilize Klingon politics
 2346       Kazons overthrow Trabe in Delta Quadrant
~2350       Conflict between UFP and Cardassians
 2363       Launch of Enterprise, NCC-1701D
 2364       First Borg attacks in Romulan and Federation space
 2364-2370  (Star Trek:  The Next Generation)
 2364       First contact with Q
 2364       First peaceful contact between UFP and Ferengi Alliance
 2364       Restored relations between UFP and Romulan Empire
 2365       First contact with Borg
 2366       Peace treaty signed between Cardassia and UFP
 2367       Battle of Wolf 359; first Borg attack on Earth
 2368       Brief civil war in Klingon Empire
 2369       Cardassian withdrawal from Bajor, UFP takes Deep Space 9
 2369-2375  (Star Trek:  Deep Space 9)
 2370       Attempted coup on Bajor
 2370       Treaty signed on border between UFP and Cardassian space causes Maquis rebellion
 2370       First Dominion attack on UFP transiting through wormhole
 2371       Launches of Defiant and Voyager
 2371-2378  (Star Trek:  Voyager)
 2371       Peace accord between Bajor and Cardassia
 2371       (Star Trek:  Generations)
 2371       Massed Romulan and Cardassian attack on Dominion homeworld is defeated
 2372       Coup on Cardassia overthrowns military government
 2372       Klingon war on Cardassia
 2372       Attempted military coup on Earth
 2372       Launch of Enterprise, NCC-1701E
 2373       (Star Trek:  First Contact)
 2373       Second Borg attack on Earth is defeated
 2374       Intensified war with Dominion-Cardassian alliance
 2374       First contact with Species 8472
 2375       End of UFP-Dominion war
 2375       (Star Trek:  Insurrection)
 2377       Voyager destroys Borg subspace conduit and returns to Earth
 2379       (Star Trek:  Nemesis)
 2379       Short-lived military coup in Romulan Empire
~2380       Klingons take over Romulan Star Empire
~2500       Time travel common
~2850       Federation deploys timeships to stop temporal violations

compilation by Wm. Robert Johnston, 2002, 2005.
Last modified 15 May 2005.
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