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Seattle, United States--1 June 2014

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 5 December 2017

Date: 1 June 2014

Location: Seattle, Washington, United States

Type of event: terrorism


Two men (Dwone Anderson-Young and Ahmed Said) fatally shot while walking from a night club in Seattle, Washington.

The attacker, Ali Muhammad Brown, was arrested 18 July 2014 after he committed a robbery in New Jersey; he claimed that the murders, along with two others, were "just kill[s]" in a "mission" of "vengeance" in accord with his Muslim beliefs and justified as "tak[ing] action against... evil". Brown was previously released from prison after serving time for bank fraud committed in 2002-2004 where funds were used to support terrorism in Somalia. This attack was not identifiable as terrorism until after Brown's arrest.

Consequences: 2 killed


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Last modified 5 December 2017.
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