Terrorist Attacks in British Palestine

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 7 December 2017

This listing is incomplete.

21 Jun 1936Jerusalem42?Arab terrorists attack train near Jerusalem, killing 40 Arabs and 2 Jews
22 Jun 1936Jerusalem5?Arab terrorists attack train near Jerusalem, killing 5 Arabs
Sep 1937British Palestine10?Irgun attacks against Arabs
Sep 1937British Palestine3?3 Jews murdered
26 Sep 1937Nazareth20district commissioner of Galilee and his bodyguard shot and killed while leaving church
14 Nov 1937British Palestine10?Irgun attacks in Arab neighborhoods
Jul 1938British Palestine44?
4 Jul 1938Jerusalem5?Irgun attacks on Arab headquarters in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
6 Jul 1938Haifa2379Irgun bombing in Arab market
15 Jul 1938Jerusalem1029Irgun bombing in Arab market
25 Jul 1938Haifa6646Irgun bombing in market, killing 65 Arabs and 1 Jew
26 Aug 1938Haifa2127bombing in Arab vegetable market
28 Aug 1938Kul Tarin, Caesarea202 Greek monks kidnapped and killed
10 Sep 1938Beersheba10attack during theft of weapons, 1 police officer killed
1 Jan 1939Jerusalem10British official assassinated in bombing of his car by Arab terrorists
25 Nov 1940Haifa267172bombing and sinking of ship carrying Jewish immigrants
9 Jan 1942British Palestine202 Jews killed during bank robbery
2 Mar 1944British Palestine01Irgun attack injures police officer
13 Mar 1944British Palestine10Lehi attack kills police officer
19 Mar 1944British Palestine10Lehi terrorist killed
23 Mar 1944Jerusalem11Lehi attacks on police officers
23 Mar 1944Haifa3?Irgun bombing on police station
23 Mar 1944Tel Aviv1?attacks on police officers
23 Mar 1944multiple612bombing and shooting attacks on police officers in Haifa, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv
27 Mar 1944Tel Aviv01police officer shot
27 Dec 1945Jerusalem1012Irgun and Lehi bombings of police stations in Jerusalem and Haifa
25 Apr 1946Tel Aviv70Lehi shooting attack on British soldiers at Sixth Airborne car park
22 Jul 1946Jerusalem9145Irgun Zvai Leumi group bombs British offices at the King David Hotel, after telephoned warning
1 Mar 1947British Palestine2240Irgun bombing of officer's club in Bevingrad, killing 20 and injuring 30; bombings at 15 other sites in Palestine killing 2, injuring 10
1 Mar 1947Bevingrad2030Irgun bombing of officer's club
1 Mar 1947British Palestine210Irgun and Stern groups bomb 15 targets in Palestine
8 Mar 1947Jerusalem5?attack on British headquarters; 1 guard and 4 terrorists killed
12 Mar 1947Jerusalem1?bombing of British army office, killing 1 soldier
29 Mar 1947Ramle1?attack near Ramle camp killed 1 British soldier
8 Apr 1947Jerusalem1?British police officer killed
18 Apr 1947British Palestine222 British soldiers killed, 2 police officers injured in shooting attack
18 Apr 1947Tel Aviv1?1 civilian killed in Irgun attack on British armored car
20 Apr 1947Tel Aviv01212 British soldiers injured in multiple bombings
22 Apr 1947Rehoboth (Rehovot)827bombing of Cairo-Haifa train, killing 5 British soldiers and 3 civilians
24 Apr 1947British Palestine4?truck carrying British soldiers hit by mine
25 Apr 1947Sarona4?bombing of police station
26 Apr 1947Tel Aviv5?several attacks in Tel Aviv
4 May 1947Acre1632Irgun bombing and gun attack on prison, freeing 251 prisoners; 15 Jews and 1 Arab killed, 6 British guards and 26 others injured
28 Jun 1947Tel Aviv32Sternist shooting attack on British soldiers outside a theater
29 Jun 1947Herzliyya04Sternist attack on British soldiers on beach
16 Jul 1947Natanya116Irgun landmine attack on British convoy
18 Jul 1947Natanya17landmine attack
26 Jul 1947Jerusalem28attack on British soldiers
29 Jul 1947Natanya20Irgun kills 2 British officers kidnapped on 12 July
5 Aug 1947Jerusalem3?Irgun bombing of government building, killing 3 British police officers
9 Aug 1947Lydda (Lod)1?Irgun bombing of train resulted in derailing, killing 1 engineer
26 Sep 1947Tel Aviv4?4 British police officers killed in armed robbery near bank by terrorists
29 Sep 1947Haifa1054Irgun bombing of police headquarters, killing 4 British, 4 Arab police officers, and 2 Arab civilians
5 Nov 1947Haifa404 British soldiers shot in outdoor café
13 Nov 1947British Palestine127Lehi grenade attack on British soldiers in café
13 Nov 1947Haifa404 British civilians shot on street corner
13 Nov 1947Jerusalem20shooting attack killed 2 police officers
14 Nov 1947Jerusalem40attacks kill two British soldiers and 2 police officers
12 Dec 1947British Palestine27?Haganah terrorists attack Arab quarters in Ramleh and Haifa, Palestine
29 Dec 1947Jerusalem1551bombing at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem kills 15 Arabs
4 Jan 1948Haifa15100bombing of Arab headquarters
5 Jan 1948Jerusalem2517bombing of Semiramis Hotel
7 Jan 1948Jerusalem2150Irgun group bombs bus stop near Jaffa Gate, killing 17 Arabs and 3 terrorists
17 Jan 1948Kfar Elzion35?Arab terrorists machine gun Jewish men traveling from Kfar Elzion
22 Feb 1948Jerusalem54?Arab terrorists bomb armored trucks
29 Feb 1948Rehoboth (Rehovot)2835Jewish terrorists bomb Cairo-Haifa train with landmines; 28 British soldiers killed
29 Feb 1948Rehovot535attack on British troop transport
31 Mar 1948Haifa40160Sternists using land mines bomb Cairo-Haifa train near Haifa

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