Chronology of Terrorist Attacks in Israel
Part XVII: 2023

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 26 November 2023

27 Jan 2023Jerusalem83drive-by shooting attack outside synagogue killed 7 (including one 14-year-old and one Ukrainian citizen), injured 3; terrorist later fired at police who shot and killed him
28 Jan 2023Jerusalem03shooting attack on two civilians; 13-year-old attacked was shot and injured
30 Jan 2023Hebron11vehicular attack injured one soldier; attacker was shot and killed
31 Jan 2023Jenin02vehicular attack on bus stop injured two soldiers
10 Feb 2023Jerusalem44vehicular attack on bus stop killed three including two children ages 6 and 8 (the latter child died the following day) and injured four critially; attacked was shot and killed
13 Feb 2023Jerusalem01stabbing attack injured one in Old City; 14-year-old attacker was arrested
13 Feb 2023Shuafat Crossing1113-year-old stabbed and injured a Border Police fighter; a civilian security guard shot and injured the attacker and accidentally shot the Border Police fighter fatally
26 Feb 2023Hawwara20shooting attack on vehicle killed two
26 Feb 2023Hawwara199Jewish settlers rioted and attacked Palestinian civilians and residences in Hawwara, setting fires to about 30 houses and dozens of vehicles; one Palestinian was shot and killed, four others injured in attacks and 95 injured by teargas
27 Feb 2023Nevo Junction, Jericho10shooting attack killed Israeli-American
4 Mar 2023Beit Hagai Junction01drive-by shooting attack injured one
9 Mar 2023Tel Aviv13shooting attack injured three civilians; attacker was shot and killed
13 Mar 2023Megiddo Junction01roadside bombing injured civilian in vehicle
19 Mar 2023Hawwara03two cilivians shot in their vehicle and injured; attacker was shot and injured
25 Mar 2023Hawwara02shooting attack injured two soldiers
1 Apr 2023Bayt Ummar13vehicular attack injured three soldiers; attacker was shot and killed
4 Apr 2023Tzrifin Junction02stabbing attack injured two soldiers
6 Apr 2023Jerusalem01shooting attack injured one soldier
7 Apr 2023Hamra Junction, West Bank30shooting attack on vehicle killed mother and her two daughters
7 Apr 2023Tel Aviv-Jaffa27vehicular attack on group of tourists killed one Italian, injured seven other civilians; attacker was shot and killed
17 Apr 2023Gush Etzion Junction02stabbing attack at bus stop injured one; attacker was shot and injured
18 Apr 2023East Jerusalem02shooting attack on civilians in a parked car
24 Apr 2023Jerusalem15vehicular attack on pedestrians near market injured five; attacker was shot and killed
25 Apr 2023Ramallah01shooting attack on runners commemorating deaths of IDF soldiers injured one civilian
27 Apr 2023Gitai Avishar Junction14vehicular attack injured civilians and security fources; attacker was shot and killed
2 May 2023Avnei Hefetz01shooting attack on vehicles injured one
4 May 2023Einabus checkpoint, Hawwara11stabbing attack injured one soldier; attacker was shot and killed
21 May 2023Hawwara01vehicular attack injured one soldier
26 May 2023Teneh Omarim10attempted stabbing attack at synagogue; attacker was shot and killed
30 May 2023Hermesh10shooting attack on vehicle killed one
2 Jun 2023Neveh Tzuf11shooting attack on settlement; return fire by security forces killed one 3-year-old and injured another civilian
2 Jun 2023Nablus01shooting attack injured one soldier
3 Jun 2023Egyptian border40Egyptian border policeman entered Israeli territory and attacked an IDF post killing two soldiers; in subsequent gunfight one soldier was fatally wounded; attacker was shot and killed
5 Jun 2023Einabus Junciton, Hawwara02vehicular attack injured two soldiers
6 Jun 2023Tapuah Junction01shooting attack on vehicle injured one
9 Jun 2023Rantis Crossing, Ramallah11attack at security checkpoint injured one soldier; attacker was shot and killed
13 Jun 2023Reihan Crossing05shooting attack on vehicles injured one civilian and four soldiers
19 Jun 2023Rahel Crossing04vehicular attack on soldiers injured two; 2 attackers shot and killed
24 Jun 2023Qalandiya Crossing12shooting attack injured two security guards; attacker was shot and killed
20 Jun 2023Eli63shooting attack at restaurant and gas station killed four and injured three; two of those killed were teenagers; both attackers was shot and killed
3 Jul 2023Bnei Brak01stabbing attack injured one; 14-year-old attacker was arrested
4 Jul 2023Tel Aviv19vehicular attack on people at bus station injured nine; attacker was shot and killed
10 Jul 2023Dir Qadis01stabbing attack injured one
16 Jul 2023Tekoa Junction, Bethehem03shooting attack on vehicle injured three
20 Jul 2023Jerusalem01stabbing attack seriously injured one; 3 attackers were arrested
21 Jul 2023Kfar Sebastia11attempted vehicular attack on soldiers; attackers were shot with 1 killed, 1 injured
25 Jul 2023Har Gerizim, Nablus30attempted shooting attack; all 3 attackers shot and killed
1 Aug 2023Ma'ale Adumim16shooting attack at restaurant injured six; attacker was shot and killed
1 Aug 2023Eshtamoa Junction10attempted stabbing attack on soldiers; 15-year-old attacker was shot and killed
2 Aug 2023Hamra Junction01shooting attack on vehicle injured one
5 Aug 2023Tel Aviv20shooting attack killed one police officer; attacker was shot and killed
19 Aug 2023Hawwara20shooting attack at car wash killed two
21 Aug 2023Hakvasim11one killed, one injured in shooting attack on vehicle
30 Aug 2023Beit Hagai02vehicular attack injured one soldier; attacker was shot and injured
30 Aug 2023Jerusalem11stabbing attack at rail station injured one; 14-year-old attacker was shot and killed
31 Aug 2023Maccabim Crossing25vehicular attack on soldiers and others, one soldier killed, five injured including two soldiers; attacker was shot and killed
4 Sep 2023Jerusalem01police officer stabbed and injured at Temple Mount gate
5 Sep 2023Argaman Junction, West Bank10shooting attack at restaurant; attacker was shot and killed
6 Sep 2023Jerusalem02stabbing attack at Jaffa gate promenade injured one Israeli and one American
12 Sep 2023Hawwara02two injured in shooting attack on vehicle
18 Sep 2023Mizmoria Crossing, Jerusalem01attempted stabbing attack on security guard; attacker shot and injured
21 Sep 2023Qalandia Crossing, East Jerusalem02vehicular attack on security guard
21 Sep 2023Jerusalem02stabbing attack on security guard at railway station; attacker shot and injured
7-9 Oct 2023multiple locations1,1945,074Armed invasion and rocket attacks by Hamas from Gaza. Fatalities from armed attacks/massacres include 364 at music festival near Kibbutz Re'im, 124 at Kibbutz Be'eri, 60 at Kfar Aza, 55 at Ofakim, 46 at Nahal Oz Base, 40 at Re'im Base, 40 at Sderot, 34 at Nir Oz, 32 at Nahal Oz, 31 at Kissufim, 30 at Kibbutz Re'im itself, 22 at Netiv NaAsara, 20 at Alumim, 19 at Holit, 17 at Zikim Base, 15 at Psyduk, 15 at Zikim beach, 14 at Mefalsim, 11 at Paga Post, 11 at Urim Base, 62 on roads between these communities, and 115 elsewhere/unspecified. Rockets killed 17 in Alba'at, Neteivot, Ashkelon, Arara, and Kfar Aviv. Total fatalities include at least 894 civilians, 286 soldiers, and 51 police; civilian fatalities include at least 36 children. Foreigners killed include 30 Americans, 18 Thai nationals, 10 Nepalese, 8 French, 7 Argentinians, 4 Russians, 2 Ukrainians, 2 British, and 2 Sri Lankans. Figures do not include 40 reported missing and do not include 1,500 terrorists killed within Israel. Hostages numbering 240 were kidnapped and taken into Gaza, with 3 killed there, 1 rescued by Israeli military, and 58 released 24-26 Nov to Israel in exchange for imprisoned Palestinians. Israeli military strikes against Hamas in Gaza are continuing as of Nov 2023 apart from a ceasefire starting 24 Nov in exchange for limited release of hostages.

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