Selected terrorist attacks and related incidents worldwide, Part 4: 2016-present

complied by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 24 March 2018

See Selected terrorist attacks and related incidents worldwide: Introduction for explanation of criteria used and completeness and for sources.

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Part 2: 2001-2010
Part 3: 2011-2015

3 Jan 2016Camp Speicher, Iraq2022five suicide bombings at Iraqi police training facility; 15 security forces killed
7 Jan 2016Zliten, Libya60200suicide truck bombing at police training camp
11 Jan 2016Iraq3819car bombing and armed attack on al-Jawhara shopping center in Baghdad; two bombings at cafe in Muqdadiyah
16 Jan 2016Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso3356terrorists attack a cafe and two hotels, taking 176 hostages at one hotel before authorities retook the site; 28 killed included 6 Canadians, 5 Burkinabe citizens, 2 French, 2 Swiss, 1 Dutch, and 1 American missionary; 4 terrorists killed
16 Jan 2016Deir ez-Zor, Syria250Islamic State militants attacks on two neighborhoods, killing families of pro-Syrian government individuals
20 Jan 2016Charsadda, Pakistan3050armed attack at Bacha Khan University on students and teachers in classrooms and dorms; four attackers killed
22 Jan 2016Mogadishu, Somalia2617suicide car bombing followed by armed attack on beachside restaurant; 6 attackers killed
25 Jan 2016Bodo, Cameroon3266four suicide bombings at entrances to a marketplace
26 Jan 2016Chenartu district, Uruzgan, Afghanistan100insider attack in which 10 police at a checkpoint were poisoned then shot
26 Jan 2016Homs, Syria29101suicide car bombing at checkpoint in Alawite district followed by another suicide bombing
26 Jan 2016Aleppo, Syria25suicide bombing at checkpoint
30 Jan 2016Dalori, Borno, Nigeria8662attack on village including suicide bombings by three females, shootings, and firebombing of huts; many children killed
31 Jan 2016Sayyida Zeinab, Syria7199bombings at a bus station and a military headquarters
1 Feb 2016Kabul, Afghanistan2129suicide bombing at police headquarters
9 Feb 2016Dikwa, Nigeria6078two suicide bombings in refugee camp
13 Feb 2016Yakshari, Nigeria22armed attack on village
17 Feb 2016Ankara, Turkey2861suicide car bombing near to military buses
19 Feb 2016Meme, Cameroon24112two suicide bombings in marketplace by girls posing as food vendors
21 Feb 2016Sayyida Zeinab and Homs, Syria140279four suicide bombings near Shia shrine in Sayyida Zeinab; two car bombings in pro-Syrian government neighborhoods of Homs
28 Feb 2016Baghdad, Iraq80100two suicide bombings at marketplace
28 Feb 2016Baidoa, Somalia3240two suicide bombings
29 Feb 2016Muqdadiya, Iraq2458attack on funeral
6 Mar 2016Hillah, Iraq6295suicide truck bombing
9 Mar 2016Taza Khurmatu, Iraq1800chemical weapon attack by ISIS
13 Mar 2016Ankara, Turkey38125car bombing
13 Mar 2016Grand-Bassam, Ivory Coast2233armed attack on two hotels near beach
16 Mar 2016Maiduguri, Nigeria2218two suicide bombings
20 Mar 2016Anbar, Iraq2712three bombings killed 24 soldiers
22 Mar 2016Brussels and Zaventem, Belgium35340three suicide bombings at Brussels Airport in Zaventem and subway station in Brussels
25 Mar 2016Aden, Yemen26?multiple car bombings
25 Mar 2016Iskandariya, Iraq4265suicide bombing at soccer game
27 Mar 2016Lahore, Pakistan72200suicide bombing attack on amusement park killed 72, including 29 children
7 Apr 2016Aleppo, Syria23100chemical attack on Kurdish-controlled neighborhood
19 Apr 2016Kabul, Afghanistan65347suicide bombing and armed attack on government building
30 Apr 2016Baghdad, Iraq3986suicide car bombing
1 May 2016Samawa, Iraq3575two suicide car bombings
11 May 2016Baghdad, Iraq6487truck bombing
12 May 2016Zara'a, Syria49?kidnapping of 70 civilians; 42 civilians and 7 soldiers were executed
15 May 2016Mukalla, Yemen4760suicide bombing
23 May 2016Jableh and Tartus, Syria184200multiple bombings
23 May 2016Aden, Yemen4660suicide car bombing targeting army recruits
27 May 2016Baghdad, Iraq101194multiple bombings
4 Jun 2016Bosso, Niger3267armed attack and arson by Boko Haram
11 Jun 2016Ghandoura and Damascus, Syria6975shooting and shelling attack on civilians in Ghandoura killed 49, injured 35; two bombings near Shia shrine in Damascus killed 20, injured 40
12 Jun 2016Orlando, Florida, United States5053shooting attack at nightclub
14 Jun 2016Lake Chad, Cameroon520armed attack on fishermen
17 Jun 2016Kuda, Nigeria2410armed attack on funeral
27 Jun 2016Al Mukalla, Yemen4537seven bombings at checkpoints
28 Jun 2016Istanbul, Turkey47239shooting and suicide bombing attack by three terrorists at Ataturk airport
30 Jun 2016Wardak, Afghanistan4250two suicide bombings targeting police cadets
1 Jul 2016Dhaka, Bangladesh2950shooting attack and hostage taking at restaurant
3 Jul 2016Baghdad, Iraq324225truck bombing in market area, setting fire to crowded shopping mall
5 Jul 2016Al-Hasakah, Syria26?suicide car bombing
6 Jul 2016Aden, Yemen258suicide car bombing and shooting attack at army headquarters
7 Jul 2016Balad, Iraq4075suicide car bombing and shooting attack at shrine
9 Jul 2016Aleppo, Syria36143mortar attack
10 Jul 2016Benue, Nigeria81?armed attack
14 Jul 2016Nice, France87434vehicular attack on crowds celebrating Bastille Day; truck was driven down a 2 km stretch of crowded boardwalk; casualties included 10 children killed and 54 children injured
23 Jul 2016Kabul, Afghanistan80260two suicide bombings targeting crowds protesting a power line
24 Jul 2016Baghdad, Iraq2650multiple bombings
26 Jul 2016Sagamihara, Japan1925knife attack on patients at mental health hospital
27 Jul 2016Qamishli, Syria59171truck bombing at police recruitment center near a market
1 Aug 2016Aleppo, Syria31?shelling attack
2 Aug 2016Benghazi, Libya2220car bombing
3 Aug 2016Aleppo, Syria725chemical attack
8 Aug 2016Quetta, Pakistan74130bombing attack on hospital; casualties included about half of the lawyers in Balochistan provinces, gathered to mourn a colleague killed in a previous attack
14 Aug 2016Beni, DR Congo51armed attack
15 Aug 2016Atmeh, Syria32suicide bombing on bus
20 Aug 2016Gaziantep, Turkey5790ISIS suicide bombing of wedding; 34 children among those killed
21 Aug 2016Galkayo, Somalia2130two suicide car bombings
29 Aug 2016Aden, Yemen7067suicide car bombing at army training camp
5 Sep 2016Tartus, Syria3850car bombing and follow-up suicide bombing at base used by Russian forces
5 Sep 2016Kabul, Afghanistan36124attacks on defense ministry building and international aid compound
9 Sep 2016Baghdad, Iraq4060two bombings at shopping mall
16 Sep 2016Peshawar, Pakistan2831bombing at mosque
3 Oct 2016Al-Hasakah, Syria2047suicide bombing at wedding
6 Oct 2016Atmeh, Syria3720suicide bombing
12 Oct 2016Oudalan, Central African Republic3057armed attack on refugees
13 Oct 2016Azaz, Syria2024car bombing at checkpoint
15 Oct 2016Baghdad, Iraq6080multiple attacks
24 Oct 2016Quetta, Pakistan61165armed attack on police training college
6 Nov 2016Tikirt and Samarra, Iraq25suicide bombings
7 Nov 2016Maru, Nigeria31attack by gunmen on gold miners
12 Nov 2016Lasbele, Pakistan55102suicide bombing in shrine
17 Nov 2016Amiriyat Fallujah, Iraq2040bombing targeting a wedding party
17 Nov 2016Azaz, Syria2524bombing
20 Nov 2016Tahrir, al-Baker, Baghdad, Mosul, Iraq6443multiple attacks
21 Nov 2016Kabul, Afghanistan3250suicide bombing at mosque
23 Nov 2016Baghdad, Iraq31103multiple attacks
24 Nov 2016Hillah, Iraq12595suicide car bombing at gas station
26 Nov 2016Mogadishu, Somalia2553car bombing near market
3 Dec 2016Mosul, Iraq2580attack by ISIS terrorists
7 Dec 2016Mosul, Iraq20suicide bombing targeting soldiers near a hospital
9 Dec 2016Madagali, Nigeria57177two suicide bombings in marketplace
10 Dec 2016Aden, Yemen5770suicide bombing targeting a group of soldiers
10 Dec 2016Istanbul, Turkey38166two suicide bombings near soccer stadium
11 Dec 2016Mogadishu, Somalia3050suicide car bombing at police complex
11 Dec 2016Cairo, Egypt2549bombing at Coptic Christian church
18 Dec 2016Aden, Yemen5263suicide bombing targeting soldiers gathered to collect their salaries
19 Dec 2016Berlin, Germany1256vehicular attack in which hijacked truck was driven into a Christmas market
22 Dec 2016Mosul, Iraq3440three car bombings in marketplace killed 23; mortar attack on refugees and aid workers killed 11
31 Dec 2016Baghdad, Iraq2854two bombings in marketplace
1 Jan 2017Istanbul, Turkey3969shooting attack on nightclub during New Year's celebration
2 Jan 2017Baghdad, Iraq4382suicide truck bombing in market killed 36, injured 52; three other bombings killed 7, injured 30
5 Jan 2017Baghdad, Iraq2757multiple bombings
7 Jan 2017Azaz, Syria6050car bombing
8 Jan 2017Baghdad, Iraq2050car bombings
10 Jan 2017Kabul, Afhganistan3870car bombings
18 Jan 2017Gao, Mali77115five suicide bombings near NATO base
21 Jan 2017Parachinar, Pakistan2287bombing at marketplace
21 Jan 2017Kandahar, Afghanistan43?shooting attack
25 Jan 2017Mogadishu, Somalia2843car bomb attack on gate to Dayah hotel, followed by armed attack
7 Feb 2017Kabul, Afghanistan2241suicide bombing at Supreme Court
16 Feb 2017Sehwan, Pakistan88343suicide bombing at Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, a Sufi shrine
16 Feb 2017Baghdad, Iraq5560bombing at car market
19 Feb 2017Mogadishu, Somalia3450car bombing in market area
24 Feb 2017Al-Bab, Syria61100truck bombing
25 Feb 2017Homs, Syria3224six suicide bombings targeting Syrian military and intelligence facilities; army intelligence general among those killed
1 Mar 2017Kabul, Afghanistan23106two suicide bombings at a police station and near national intelligence agency offices
1 Mar 2017Mosul, Iraq012chemical attack, apparent blistering agent used in mortar attack
8 Mar 2017Kabul, Afghanistan4963armed attack on hospital by terrorists disguised as doctors; security forces took 7 hours to regain control of hospital
9 Mar 2017Tikrit, Iraq3226two suicide bombings at a wedding
11 Mar 2017Damascus, Syria74120bombings targeting Shia pilgrims; 8 children and 20 security forces among those killed
15 Mar 2017Damascus, Syria32130suicide bombings at Palace of Justice and a restaurant
17 Mar 2017Mosul, Iraq10736ISIS terrorists held over 100 civilians in a building rigged with explosives, then had two snipers on the roof invite a U.S. airstrike which triggered the explosives; 101 killed in the building’s collapse plus 4 killed in neighboring buildings; 36 reported missing
20 Mar 2017Baghdad, Iraq2345car bombing in commercial area of Amil neighborhood
22 Mar 2017London, England, United Kingdom749vehicular attack at Westminster Bridge, after which terrorist stabbed and killed a police officer before being shot and killed
25 Mar 2017Tshikapa, Congo Dem. Rep.40?armed attack on police
31 Mar 2017Parachinar, Pakistan24101suicide car bombing outside mosque
9 Apr 2017Tanta and Alexandria, Egypt44144suicide bombings of two Coptic Christian churches during Palm Sunday services
15 Apr 2017Rashidin, Syria126100suicide car bombing targeting buses carrying refugees; fatalities included 80 children
16 Apr 2017Mosul, Iraq06chemical weapon attack by ISIS on Iraqi troops
21 Apr 2017Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh, Afghanistan266160attack on military base by 10 terrorists claiming to be transporting injured soldiers; suicide bombings and shooting attacks targeted soldiers at the base mosque; 10 terrorists killed
24 Apr 2017Sukma district, Chhattisgarh, India287Maoist rebel ambush of security officers; 25 officers and 3+ rebels killed, at least 7 officers injured
2 May 2017Rajm Sleibi and Al-Lataminah, Syria523432 killed in attack by 5 suicide bombers at Kurdish police office in Rajm al-Salibi; 6 killed, including 5 children ages 6 to 14 in attack in al-Lataminah, Hama
12 May 2017Mastung, Pakistan2840suicide motorcycle bomb attack on convoy killed 28, injured 40 including Senate Deputy Chairman
18 May 2017Aqareb and Al-Mabujeh, Syria51?armed attack on villages of Aqareb and Al-Mabujeh; fatalities included at least 27 soldiers and 15 civilians
19 May 2017Brak al-Shati Airbase, Libya141?armed attack on airbase, killing soldiers and civilians
19 May 2017Baghdad and Basra, Iraq3549two suicide bombings at Abu Dsheer checkpoint killed 24, injured 17; two bombings at al-Remeila checkpoint killed 11, injured 32
21 May 2017Shah Joy district, Zabul, Afghanistan201520 police officers killed in Taliban attack on outposts
21 May 2017Mosul and Baghdad, Iraq22144 suicide bombings in Mosul killed 17 soldiers, injured 13; bombing in Baghdad killed one soldier, injured another
22 May 2017Manchester, England, United Kingdom23119suicide bombing outside concert at Manchester Arena killed 22, injured 116; child casualties include 7 killed and at least 16 injured
25-28 May 2017Marawi, Mindanao, Philippines8531armed attack on city of Marawi by 70-100 terrorists; about 160,000 of the city’s 200,000 population fled the city; identified fatalities included 11 soldiers, 2 police, 1 security guard, 9 civilians from a Christian church, 10 other civilians, and 51 militants
26 May 2017Minya, Egypt2826shooting attack on bus carrying Coptic Christians
30 May 2017Baghdad, Iraq3140two bombings, one at an ice cream shop
31 May 2017Kabul, Afghanistan150400truck bombing in square near foreign embassies
1 Jun 2017Manila, Philippines3654(criminal) armed attack and arson at casino and hotel
3 Jun 2017Kabul, Afghanistan2087attack by three suicide bombers at funeral
7 Jun 2017Tehran, Iran2352armed attack on Iranian parliament building
9 Jun 2017Kerbala, Iraq3035suicide bombing in marketplace
14 Jun 2017Mogadishu, Somalia31?car bombing and hostage taking at hotel and restaurant
16 Jun 2017Fengxian, PR China865suicide bombing outside kindergarten; some children injured
22 Jun 2017Lashkargah, Afghanistan3458suicide car bombing at bank
23 Jun 2017Parachinar, Quetta, and Karachi, Pakistan85220two bombings in marketplace in Parachinar killed 67, injured 200; suicide bombing at Quetta checkpoint killed 14, injured 20; armed attack on police at restaurant in Karachi, Sindh province, killed 4
2 Jul 2017Anbar, Iraq2013suicide bombing in refugee camp
8 Jul 2017el-Barth, Sinai, Egypt2626suicide bombing and armed attack on checkpoint
24 Jul 2017Kabul, Afghanistan3641suicide car bombing targeting a bus carrying government workers
24 Jul 2017Lahore, Pakistan2850suicide bombing targeting police near marketplace
28 Jul 2017Maiduguri, Nigeria51?Boko Haram armed attack on oil survey team followed by fighting with government forces
1 Aug 2017Herat, Afghanistan3261suicide bombing at mosque
6 Aug 2017Mirzawalang, Sar-e Pul, Afghanistan57?armed attack on checkpoint and on civilians in nearby village
13 Aug 2017Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso2125armed attack and hostage taking at cafe by 4 gunmen; those killed included 18 civilians (10 from Burkina Faso, 2 from Kuwait, 2 from Canada, and 4 from other countries) and 3 terrorists; 40 hostages were rescued by police
15 Aug 2017Konduga, Nigeria3083suicide bombing killed 27 in a village market; two suicide bombers at a nearby refugee camp caused additional injuries
17 Aug 2017Barcelona, Spain14130attack in which a truck was driven through crowds of tourists, killing 14 and injuring at least 130; those killed included 2 children and several 5 adult foreigners; those injured were from 34 countries
25 Aug 2017Kabul, Afghanistan4590mosque attacked by four gunmen, two of which detonated suicide bombs
3 Sep 2017Bala Gudud, Somalia2224truck bomb exploded at gate to military base, followed by attack by dozens of terrorists
14 Sep 2017Nasiriyah, Iraq8493armed attack on restaurant followed by suicide car bombing at a police checkpoint
17 Sep 2017Mosul, Iraq2423bombing at school during training of militia; casualties included children
29 Sep 2017Kabul, Afghanistan2233suicide bombing outside Shiite mosque
1 Oct 2017Las Vegas, Nevada, United States59527(CRI?) sniper attack on concert; fatalities included 1 police officer and 2 Canadians; attacker killed himself
5 Oct 2017Jhal Magsi district, Pakistan2520suicide bombing at Shiite shrine; 5 children and 2 police officers among those killed
12 Oct 2017Abu Fas, Syria5070three car bombings
14 Oct 2017Mogadishu, Somalia587316truck bomb attack at intersection near hotels, restaurants, and government offices
17 Oct 2017Gardez and Ghazni, Afghanistan76168suicide bombers and gunmen attacked a police training center in Gardez, killing 41 and injuring 110 civilians and 48 police, with 5 attackers killed; car bombings in Ghazni killed 30 security personnel and others, with 10 people injured
19 Oct 2017Kandahar province, Afghanistan5315twin suicide vehicle bombings destroyed military base, killing 43 soldiers and injuring 9 with 6 more missing; 10 attackers killed
20 Oct 2017Kabul and Ghor province, Afghanistan6055attack with gun and explosives killed 39 and injured 45 at a Shia mosque in Kabul; attack on Sunni mosque in Ghor province killed 20 and injured 10
28 Oct 2017Mogadishu, Somalia2631suicide car bombing at hotel followed by armed attack and siege lasting overnight; government forces rescued 30 civilians and killed 3 terrorists and captured 2; 3 children among those killed
4 Nov 2017Deir ez-Zor, Syria100140suicide car bombing at refugee center; most victims were women and children
13 Nov 2017Kandahar, Afghanistan6840armed attacks on several police checkpoints in southern Kandahar; 23 police killed and 15 injured; 45 militants killed and 25 injured
15 Nov 2017Muna Gari, Nigeria2229four suicide bombings, including one at a prayer ground
17 Nov 2017Deir ez-Zor, Syria2630car bombing at rally
21 Nov 2017Mubi, Nigeria5025suicide bombing at mosque
21 Nov 2017Tuz Khurmatu, Iraq2470truck bombing in marketplace
23 Nov 2017Bir al-Abed, Sinai, Egypt309128attack on mosque with bombs followed by shooting attack on fleeing survivors; 27 children among those killed
28 Dec 2017Kabul, Afghanistan5081bombing at Shiite cultural center
30 Dec 2017Bakin Muna, Borno, Nigeria25?armed attack on workers at logging site
4 Jan 2018Kabul, Afghanistan2030bombing at checkpoint
12 Jan 2018Kaje, Borno, Nigeria2015armed attack on workers at logging site; 15 missing and presumed kidnapped
15 Jan 2018Baghdad, Iraq38105two suicide bombings at street market
20 Jan 2018Kabul, Afghanistan2210armed attack and hostage taking at hotel
23 Jan 2018Benghazi, Libya2725twin car bombings outside a mosque
27 Jan 2018Kabul, Afghanistan103235suicide bombing in ambulance at a police checkpoint
9 Feb 2018Tripoli, Libya2149two bombings inside mosque
16 Feb 2018Konduga, Nigeria2170three suicide bombings at food market; most fatalities were children
19 Feb 2018Dapchi, Nigeria0110110 schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram
21 Feb 2018Syria20?attack on truck drivers near border with Iraq
23 Feb 2018Mogadishu, Somalia4520two car bombings accompanied by armed assaults, one outside the palace and one outside a hotel
2 Mar 2018Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso3085car bombing and armed assault on French embassy, a cultural center, and army headquarters
20 Mar 2018Damascus, Syria3735rocket attack on Jaramana neighborhood
21 Mar 2018Kabul, Afghanistan3365suicide bombing by a motorcyclist targeting a crowd

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